Business card – 5 tips to make it attractive and attractive

Used since the second century BC, the business card is still an essential tool in professional relationships today. More than a simple address medium, it says more about the person who gives it and their company. Here are five tips to make your business card original and captivating.

Choose a shape that suits you

If you want to stand out with your business card, you will first need to move away from the classic rectangular format of the cards we all know. Instead, choose a shape that visually materializes your business.

If you are a wine merchant, for example, a card in the shape of a bottle of wine or champagne would be perfectly suited since it provides immediate information on your professional world. Today with modern printing tools, there are almost no limits in the shaping of paper.

Your colors should stand out on your card

As mentioned above, the business card is an extension of your business. For this reason, it must have the same colors as the latter. Thus, it will be very easy to associate your card with your company as soon as it is seen without having to read its content. Beyond the colors, the business card will have to take the graphic charter of your company since it reflects it.

The right information and staff

For the convenience of whoever reads it, the business card should not be loaded. For this reason, you should only enter the key information that identifies you. These include, among others:

  • Who are you
  • What you do
  • Where to find you
  • How to contact you

Don’t forget to add your company logo and motto. To further personalize, it is possible to add your photo, especially if your activity is very related to your personality.

Make the distribution unique

Surprise your contacts even in the way of giving them your business card. You could imagine a staging to mark the mind of your interlocutor. This will keep a positive image of you and your business.

You will ensure that your scenario is related to your professional activity. It is also possible to opt for a dispenser that differs from the traditional displays and card holders. The Internet is full of sites offering fun and original business card distributors.

Originality is the touch that attracts

For a truly eye-catching business card, don’t hesitate to break the codes. Why not adopt for example an offbeat tone to describe yourself briefly? You could also use a touch of humor to introduce your activity.

Likewise, the font you are going to choose can set you apart from traditional fonts (Arial, Times, Verdana, etc.). Calligraphic style fonts could bring that touch of originality to your card. Be careful, however, to choose an easily readable writing style.

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