Using Instagram for the pros: good or bad idea?

While it is true that you can develop your company’s social media strategy via several social networks, you should know that they do not all offer the same guarantees in terms of audience and satisfaction. Indeed, among the number of social networks that exist, and thanks to which you can


The best advertising tools to attract at a trade show

Advertising is the best way to make yourself known. But you still need to equip yourself with good tools, especially when you attend a trade show. During such an event, potential competitors are on site. Your advertising tools must therefore distinguish you and attract customers. Here are 5 tools to


How do expense reports work?

For the smooth running of its activities, a company must take into account certain parameters. The administration of an expense report is therefore a very important point that concerns most companies. The latter question the subject even more, on its functioning. If you’re a business owner, read this article and


How to find the perfect slogan for your SME?

In addition to a carefully designed logo, your SME will greatly benefit from a matching slogan. Essential in communication, this duo helps to publicize and recognize a brand. If you already have a logo for your small business, now is the time to create an equally meaningful and impactful slogan

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