How to pass a job interview?

Quick Access to Content – Summary Interviewing a candidate is not an easy task. You have to adopt the right behavior and ask the right questions to put the candidate at ease. The right behavior to adopt during an interview When an employer wishes to test a candidate, it is


Know how dropshipping works before you start!

Before embarking on dropshipping, it’s important to understand how it works. Which CMS used? Which application is the most effective to manage your dropshipping? Where to get supplies? So many questions to answer before setting up a store, here are the answers to some of them to help you. What


5 direct marketing techniques

With the advent of the Internet and digital tools, there are many marketing solutions, but direct marketing is still in a good position. There are unstoppable direct marketing techniques that are always very effective, because they are very popular with customers for contact and personalization of the message. E-mailing Simple,


Electronic Cigarette Shop The Franchise The Key To Last!

Quick Access to Content – Summary The electronic cigarette market is growing in size and consumers are more and more present and demanding. You plan to create your own business, the ideal is to choose the field of e-cigarettes. Franchising is an ideal choice and has many advantages and here


Attract new prospects with original goodies!

Quick Access to Content – Summary It is very important to convince when trying to attract new customers. Everyone loves to receive gifts, especially when they are original. Bags can come in many shapes and are great for communicating your brand. What is the best way to choose them, to


Shipping supply for e-merchant how to navigate?

As an e-merchant, you are going to have to think about your different shipping supplies. You will need to know which ones will be best suited to your products, which provider to choose, but also the various criteria that enter into the calculation of your delivery costs. What are the

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