Buying a New Bike – Why is the Electric Bike the Best Choice?

It is normal to wonder when buying a new bike, whether it is better to take it with electric assistance (VAE) or not. It is a decision that requires reflection, because it is something that requires investing a certain budget. Choosing an electric bike is an investment that pays off quickly and here’s why.

The reasons why it is good to invest in an electric bike

When the idea is to avoid taking the car and reaching a place easily and quickly, cycling is already a good alternative, but opting for electric is all the more comfortable. But this is not the only reason why it is a real advantage to choose an electric bike, they are numerous, knowing them it will be difficult to resist.

The best alternative means of transport to the car

This is the case for all places of life, but especially in the city, the electric bicycle is an ideal replacement option for the car. The electric bicycle is good for the environment, but also for you personally.

It is a way of making a lot of savings, in fact thanks to the ease of parking and the fact of not needing to put gasoline for example. It is also ideal for using narrow streets and weaving through traffic.

Ideal for improving physical fitness

In addition to making your journeys easier, it is a real ally for your physical condition. Because, just because your bike is equipped with a battery does not mean that it eliminates all activity from your body. You will indeed have to pedal, because the electric assistance is simply a help.

It is ideal to resume a physical activity gently, it allows to reduce overweight, cardiovascular problems. Not to mention the recurring back problems caused by improper sitting in transport or in the car.

Perfect for covering long distances

Playing sports and saving time is good if it can be done over long distances, for it to be effective. The electric bike offers you this opportunity, to travel great distances without getting tired. You can usually do about 10 kms over a 30-minute period, which is twice as fast as with a conventional bicycle.

How to choose your electric bike?

The models are varied as on the shop, and adapt whatever your needs, for the city, the countryside or even the mountain roads. You must therefore know your needs to make the best possible choice.

Activity and type of terrain

There are many types of suitable and preferable bikes depending on where you live and what you do. In the city, you sometimes have to combine your bike ride with transport, so the ideal is to choose a folding electric bike model. They are very light and thin, you will move around very easily, could store it in your accommodation and fold it in transport.

On the contrary, in the mountains, for example, you will need a more robust bike, which can ride on different road terrains and slopes or not, it is better to choose an electric mountain bike which is generally also more powerful. Speed ​​is also an important criterion, which will help to cross these terrains, like those on electric bikes 45 km / h. They are larger and often heavier models, but perfect for this type of place.

For a chic and original model, you can choose the electric bikes with the curvature of the Dutch bikes. They have a beautiful curvature often accompanied by a small basket, they are very practical and aesthetic, generally very appreciated by women.

What type of engine?

An electric bicycle, like its varied range, has different types of motorization, the battery can be placed in different places on the bicycle. They can be positioned on the front wheel, the frame of the bike or at the back under the luggage rack.

It is important to try it out for yourself, as the sensations are not the same depending on the layout. Sometimes you will have a feeling of pushing and sometimes a simple accompaniment when you pedal.

And yet the batteries that equip pedelecs offer sensations similar to the use of a classic bicycle, they are often made of lithium and come from major brands such as Bosch, Impulse, Shimano, Yamaha or Continental. They can have an energy input of 300 to 600 Wh, which can be even higher on certain VAE.

How much should I budget for an electric bicycle?

The budget can be a brake for some, but as indicated in the article of, it is a very advantageous purchase and that quickly pays for itself in view of the many benefits.

Also note that there are electric bikes in a wide price range, they generally start at € 500 for so-called basic models. They are appreciated for classic use and short distances.

If you want to put a little bigger budget, to have a more functional bike, you can go for mid-range VAEs. The budget you will need for this type of bike will be between € 1,200 and € 2,000.

But the prices do not stop there, they can quickly climb and reach amounts of € 5,000 sometimes. These are high quality bikes that are often intended for professional use or enthusiasts.

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