Buying guide – How to choose a WiFi repeater?

Sometimes the WiFi signal in a house is not strong enough, which makes internet surfing very slow. To remedy this, it is always good to buy a WiFi repeater which has the role of amplifying the signal and allowing to have a better WiFi connection. But how to choose a WiFi repeater, so that it is really effective?

What are the criteria for choosing a good WiFi repeater?

In order to have a WiFi repeater, which is really effective, you have to make the right choice and for that, you must take into account certain criteria during your research.

The speed gained thanks to the WiFi repeater

The principle of this device is to increase the extent of the wireless network, so it is important to test the operation and that it picks up the basic signal. WiFi repeaters capture at least 6 dBi, corresponding to isotropic decibels.

This must therefore be indicated at least when purchasing, but it is preferable to choose a higher decibel which is greater than 8 dBi, because depending on where the device is positioned, there could be less debit. This speed could be reduced due to the wall too thick or interference from other electronic devices.

The range of the WiFi repeater

WiFi range is a very important criterion, because if you have good WiFi speed in your living room, but this is no longer the case if you go out on your terrace wherever you go upstairs, there is no more interest in having a Wifi amplifier.

The range is a criterion that is indicated by the manufacturers, the best is to choose a frequency of 5GHz when you live in a house and you want all the rooms to be served. But if you live in an apartment, you can opt for a less powerful 2.4 GHz model, which will be more than adequate and will save you money.

Data security

Like any technological and connected object, they can be subject to hacking. It is therefore necessary to take a good look and make sure that the repeater is composed of a signal securing device. Knowing this, you will be at ease and will not hesitate to use on your various devices.

Why turn to a comparator to make your choice?

The comparisons are very practical to see the different models available and ensure that they are efficient and taking into account the different points seen above, the best is to look at this comparison, to make your choice.

By looking at a WiFi repeater comparison you will have several choices and can therefore turn to the model that best meets your needs. Which corresponds to the space of your home and which is compatible with your Internet box.

What is a WiFi repeater and WiFi Mesh?

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