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Summer is coming and you haven’t had time to get back in shape to be the hottest by the beach? Don’t panic! We present to you the C9 Forever Living program which promises you a detox cure in 9 days!

Forever Living overview

Forever Living is a brand created by Rex Maughan in 1978. His desire is to create a business that combines well-being and financial freedom. This is why they use independent workers to distribute their products.

The brand composes all its products from Aloe Vera that it chooses with care to offer you the best possible quality. Moreover, Forever Living products are guaranteed by the IASC label and meet international quality standards.

Choosing Aloe Vera for a detox cure is not trivial. This medicinal plant, known for its multiple virtues whether for internal or external use, will help you boost your body, act on your digestive system and finally will be excellent for your skin.

C9 Forever Living Program Reviews

The C9 Forever Living program is the first phase of the Forever FIT program, itself included in the Slimming & Fitness program. It is a cure to be taken over nine days only to eliminate your toxins by purifying the body.

The cure consists of 5 products made up of 2 Forever Aloe Peach Pulps, a juice to drink three times a day, 18 Forever Therm ™ tablets, 54 Forever Garnicia Plus ™ capsules, 9 Forever Fiber ™ sticks, 1 bag of Forever Lite Ultra ™ Vanilla or Chocolate, 1 accompanying booklet C9, 1 measuring tape and a shaker. For this complete program, you will have to pay the modest sum of 133.55 €.

The first two days are quite drastic because apart from the C9 Forever Living cure, you will only be able to eat fruits and vegetables with meals as well as drink a lot of water to eliminate toxins. From the third day, you can make your first meal at 600 calories by using the recipes given in the booklet.

For visible and lasting results, you will need to combine this treatment with a balanced diet and daily fitness sessions. No miracle without a minimum of effort!

After 9 days, you will be able to see your body slimmer whether it is the face, hips or legs. But above all, you will have a cleansed body and a start to food rebalancing that will give you the right habits to continue losing weight.

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