Cacaoweb what is it and how to download it for Windows?

Quick Access to Content – Summary

Cacaoweb an online software that allows you to watch streaming videos without time limit. It also allows fast downloading and sharing of multimedia files on its P2P server.

Cacaoweb is the essential ad-free multimedia tool for amateurs wishing to watch movies and TV series or listen to streaming music as well as share your files on Cacaoweb’s servers.

Cacaoweb features

When you watch a movie on streaming sites such as, libertyvf, planet streaming and many more, you always have a time limit that prevents the full viewing of the video.

To remove this limit and enjoy the movies in full, you must register on the streaming site and pay a subscription. Cacaoweb offers you the solution to watch free and unlimited all movies, TV series, and other audio and video files on the Internet. It unlocks streaming sites and allows you to watch videos without limit.

You can of course watch youtube videos, daylimotion and others. You can also listen to music and share your own videos and multimedia files on the P2P server. Finally, we can communicate by chat.

To benefit from all the options of Cacaoweb, you must purchase VIP access and choose from the 5 offers offered.

How to watch a movie streaming on Cacaoweb

To watch streaming videos without time limit, you just have to type the name of the movie in the search bar. You can also directly copy the link if you know exactly which video you want to watch. He then displays the results on his page.

If you are looking for a series, it displays all available episodes. It also offers suggestions on the film we are looking for and finally it offers other videos related to the film sought.

Then we just have to choose the video and click to view it on the integrated Flashplayer. You can use the buttons at the bottom of the page to add the video to a list, share it, and rate it. The home page also displays a list of the most popular movies of the moment if you run out of ideas.

As we know, the use of streaming is regulated by law and the pirating of protected and severely punished works. Even though Cacaoweb offers all these very interesting features, you have to be responsible when you use them.

To summarize, if we use it to watch series, films, and unprotected videos then we are in the law. But if we take advantage of this software to watch protected and licensed films then we are entering into illegality.

Downloading and installing Cacaoweb

Cacaoweb is very light and installs without difficulty. Just download it and click on the file in the computer. It is then integrated into Google chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox.

You will find the Cacaoweb software at this address: or in English version on, the addresses or are identical and redirects you to the same site.

Cacaoweb looks like an Internet browser. It has a search bar and a window where you can register and connect. Its interface is in French.

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