Can I use the pulsed light epilator as a man?

The pulsed light epilator is a technology that allows permanent hair removal. It produces an intense flash of light which converts into heat and will be absorbed by the hair. Then, this heat will burn the bulb of the hair to stop its regrowth. It should be noted that the heat emitted by the epilator does not burn the skin. The pulsed light epilator works, but is it suitable for men?

Light hair removal for men yes or no?

Although the pulsed light epilator is more suitable for women, it can also be used by men. Recent research has shown that men can use it on most areas of the body. With the exception of the neck, face, as well as all areas of beard growth. Indeed, the hair is different, harder and thicker. Its use is also not recommended on the entire genital area and the anus.

How to use this type of epilator for men?

To start hair removal with pulsed light, you will need to perform the first 4 to 5 applications every two weeks. During this phase, your hair grows again but will fall naturally. As soon as the hair growth takes place in 3 phases (growth phase, degradation phase, rest phase), it will be necessary to repeat the application every two weeks, in order to catch all the hairs in the growth phase. After 2 to 3 months, you can then increase the application interval to 4 to 8 weeks.

What are the recommendations for men?

Pulsed light hair removal is intended for several types of skin. Men who have skin from type I (very light) to type V (dark) can safely use it. Typically, these are men who have brown, dark blonde, or black hair.

When the pulsed light method is based on the light which is transformed by the melanin of the hairs, white / gray, red hair is not suitable for application due to the lack of melanin. In addition, this type of hair removal is not intended for skin type VI (very dark).

Also, as long as the hair is not mature, avoid the pulsed light treatment. Thus, it is prohibited for children and adolescents under 20 years, especially men.

Look at the reviews to find the pulsed light epilator for men

Many models of epilators exist to meet the specific needs of men. However, some models are unavailable depending on the country. To find the one that suits you best, it is possible to consult the opinions on the net.

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