Can we find cat charms at Pandora?

As beautiful as they are expressive, cat charms can be hung on a pendant, bracelet or keychain. Usually, you can get them in a jewelry store or an online store. Pandora is a specialist in the sale of charms and charms of all kinds, one might wonder if they offer cat charms on their shelves. Yes of course. We tell you more.

The cat charms that we find at Pandora

Genuine Pandora Cat Charm
Genuine Pandora Cat Charm

Pandora offers two models of cat charm. For those of you who are worn by the charms strung on bracelets, you will not be able to resist the kitten charms. This is a 925 / 1000th silver jewel, representing the head of a smiling cat. This little wonder marks at first sight by the finesse and the realism of its representation. Referenced with the number 791706 on the site, the kitten charms has a depth of 10 mm, a height of 11.5 and a width of 9.8 mm.

Apart from the kitten charms, Pandora offers the pendant kitten charm. This option represents a kitten with a black enamel nose pulled by a pendant necklace in the shape of a fish and decorated with a heart. The object is the same type of silver as the first one with a depth of 8.9 mm by a height of 13.3 mm and a width of 10.6 mm. Each of these charms can at any time remind you of your love for cats. If you don’t think you have the necessary choice on Pandora, go see the cat charms on the store, they are numerous and vary, with exceptional quality.

How to recognize a real Pandora jewel?

Pandora LogoAn authentic Pandora is distinguished first by the maker’s mark. These are the initials of Algot Enevoldsen, or ALE, visible on all Pandora jewelry except the smallest ones. Then the Pandoras are only made of 925 / 1000th silver, 585 / 1000th or 750 / 1000th gold.

Any additional components are either fine or precious stones, cultured pearls, glass or even wood. As for Murano glass jewelry, the motif is integrated into the glass for authentic specimens while for counterfeits it is inscribed on the glass.

The different ways to compose your own Pandora jewel

Here is how to compose your own jewel. You must first choose your bracelet-moments as a base. In gold, leather or silver, supple, classic, whimsical or rigid, go for it according to your taste. Then place your cat charms on your bracelet.

To balance your charms so that they do not all lean towards the same side, it is advisable to place clips (beads composed of spring clips). Fill the gap between your charms by placing spacers there. Finally, you can place a safety chain at the ends of your jewelry. This will prevent you from losing your charms along the way.

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