Can we save with wood heating?

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Recently, there has been a strong enthusiasm for wood heating. The reason is that it offers definite advantages. How does wood heating work? Why choose this type of heating? What are the different types of wood-burning fireplaces? What are the fuels used? These are the questions we will answer in this article.

How does wood heating work?

By now, you should know that there are two categories of wood heating, depending on its use. We cite :

  • auxiliary heating with a stove or fireplace
  • basic heating with a wood boiler

Thus, the operation of wood heating depends greatly on its use. For example, if you are using a log stove, all you have to do is insert the wood into the stove and light the fire. The fireplace has the same operating principle with one difference: the fireplace will be closed.

The wood boiler works like any other boiler. In other words, a fuel burns in the boiler. Then, the heat is transmitted from the generator to the radiator or to the underfloor heating via a heating circuit.

Why choose wood heating?

Wood heating is particularly attractive for its economic side. Indeed, the wood remains from afar the cheapest fuel on the market. In the medium and long term, you will be able to make significant savings. Wood heating is also considered to be an ecological solution. Eh yes ! It is both natural and renewable energy.

Stoves or fireplaces, what are the different types of wood heating?

To adapt to the needs and budget of each household, wood heating offers a wide choice of variations:

  • The closed log or pellet fireplace : it is a heating device that is placed behind the fireplace
  • The open fireplace : it is a niche built in the wall of the house to evacuate the smoke
  • The insert : it is a metallic combustion device that fits into an existing open fireplace, transforming it into a closed fireplace
  • The log stove: it works like a fireplace and uses wood burning to heat the room

What fuels are used for wood heating?

There again, several possibilities are available to you. The logs, for example, are at the top of the list of the most used fuels in France. They are used to supply fireplaces, inserts, stoves and boilers. For logs to be effective, they must be dry.

You can also use forest chips to power your boiler. These products result from the grinding of branches of wood. Also called pellets, wood pellets are obtained from sawdust compressed and shaped in the form of small cylinders 6 mm in diameter. The Pellets are positioned as the most profitable fuels.

On the market, you will also find compressed wood logs which are artificial logs obtained from sawdust and shavings.

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