Car trash bag: An ideal gift for Father’s Day

Father’s Day and Mother’s Day gifts are missions in which children put the most creativity and application. Making a gift for mom or dad is therefore the ideal opportunity for educational and fun learning.

It is well known that some men like to have their car nickel … For Father’s Day, why not invite your children to decorate themselves with a small fabric car waste collection bag that they can. then offer to their dad?

A cheap and ecological gift

Last year, with her mom, Léa was browsing the web in order to find an original idea to give to her dad without breaking the bank and that this gift be durable over time. She came across a site that allows you to personalize car trash bags. The petitbag® car waste collection bag is a small ecological garbage bag that costs € 1 each. It is ethical, ecological and very useful. It is also customizable according to certain models or uses recycled materials, giving it a quirky and unique visual aspect.

First of all, it is used to collect waste, which makes it possible to leave the interior of the car but also the edges of the roads clean, because with this small bag, we are less tempted to leave our waste in nature. Clever isn’t it?

A resistant and reusable bag

The resistance of the bag is incredible. Indeed, it can be washed and reused several times and it turns out to be very strong and almost tear-proof.

It is very easily installed on the car’s gearbox so that it always remains close to the driver and passengers. My little girl throws her carambar papers there …

A customizable bag to please dad

This bag can be personalized, which is also why she ordered it, thinking that she could decorate it in her own way. The effect was radical, mademoiselle had fun leaving her imprint in the middle of the bag. “It was pretty fun to do with mom,” she said.

Children will love decorating this little bag with their hands to give it to their dad. The decorating process is very easy to do, paint, with or without a brush, and let your imagination run wild.

A little preparation advice for a nice personalized bag : just place a thin cardboard, a sheet of paper or a plastic inside the bag in order to harden the support and to prevent the design from crossing the support. The bag can be decorated with pens, markers, paint or even stickers that you can stick directly on it. After completing the drawing, it must be allowed to dry, keeping the rigid support inside.

Make children aware of eco-responsible actions

Making a personalized design on the fabric bag is also a great opportunity to educate children about preserving the environment. You can explain to him why he should not throw his garbage in nature, demonstrate the benefits of a clean nature for everyone, and the benefits for the planet.

This activity also enables them to be introduced to waste management and to contribute personally to the preservation of the environment by implementing a citizen eco-friendly approach. They are the adults of tomorrow and it is through them that mentalities can evolve positively if we show them the way.

The fabric car collection bag is a great way to illustrate with a concrete example an effective method of reducing the amount of waste left on the ground.

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