Cat harness review – should you buy one for your cat?

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The harness is the accessory of choice in order to walk a cat in the outside world, without risking losing or injuring it. If you dream of going out with your little companion, we suggest you discover the harness for the cat.

Why use a cat harness?

Unlike a collar whose use must be limited to an identification role, the cat harness is an accessory specially designed to allow your cat to safely take your cat outside.

When moving a cat on a leash, the harness allows it to give it good freedom of movement to explore the world around it. It is during a panic movement and forcing on the leash that a cat can seriously injure itself with a collar at the neck.

The harness thus meets the specific needs of felines. The equipment, light and comfortable, does not hinder their movements and limits the risk of injury by moving the restrictive force on their shoulder blades once the leash is in hand.

Is it easy to put on a cat harness?

Putting on a harness can be more or less complex depending on the model chosen. There are in fact two forms of harness: the “H” harness and the “8” harness.

The “8” harness is made up of two crisscrossing buckles, a small and a large one with an opening. You must pass the cat’s head through it and close the second around the belly. The harness should be oriented so that the crossing points are at the base of his neck.

In the “H” model the loops are connected by two additional straps. Identify the one on the back (the shortest) and pass the feline’s head through the small loop. When you open the large loop, pass the cat’s front paw over the other side of the second strap and close the loop around the belly.

Do cats easily get used to harnesses?

Since cats do not have the same predispositions to docility as other pets, getting a cat used to the harness is a long and tedious operation. It is also easier to get a kitten used to wearing a harness.

To get used to it, start by letting the harness hang out for a few days at your home. His young age making him more receptive to novelty, he will take an interest of himself in this new object on his territory, which will make it less doubtful in his eyes.

The next phase requires being patient, because you have to put on the harness, gradually, until he fully adopts it. Once on his back, give him a few minutes. If he fidgets a little too much, take it off and start again the next day. After that you will have to get your cat used to the leash.

Notice – Finally a cat harness is useful?

More than useful, the cat harness is essential if you decide to go out with your little companion without using a transport cage. The harness is a cheap accessory for his cat, very easy to buy online and you will find many guides on the different models of cat harnesses.

It is particularly recommended during a walk, for trips by car or to the veterinarian, as well as to limit access to the outside to a given and therefore secure perimeter. In the case of an indoor cat, on a terrace or a balcony for example.

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