Cat insurance comparison – How to see clearly after a simulation?

The lack of care following an accident or an illness due to lack of financial means causes the loss of many animals in France, in this case cats. The main solution to protect yourself from this kind of situation is to take out cat insurance, which will cover the majority of your expenses.

However, there are thousands of insurances, each with its own mode of operation and its range of membership formulas. As a result, finding the insurance you need can be difficult. To achieve this without breaking your head too much, nothing beats carrying out a simulation, through an insurance comparison which will present you the insurance policies that best meet your needs.

In the following, you will find everything you need to know about the advantage of an insurance comparison, as well as some tips for making the best choice.

Why is it important to carry out a simulation for your cat’s mutual health insurance?

We can’t tell you enough, the fastest and easiest way to find the perfect insurance for your cat is to simulate. The latter will allow you to compare (in a few clicks) thousands of mutuals, in order to reassure you that you are signing up at the best price for ideal guarantees. Among the cat mutual simulators, the Univers Chat comparator is particularly interesting because it only offers cat insurers as a cat specialist.

Most insurances each offer several formulas, with different costs and levels of coverage. Depending on your needs, your expectations and your pocket, the simulation will emerge from all these mutuals, the one that best matches your financial profile and the needs of the cat.

Choosing a Plan – See What Your Cat Really Needs

The need for the cat is the main factor that you should take into account when purchasing an insurance plan. Indeed, cat insurance generally offers several support formulas (total or partial), varying in terms of fees to be paid, reimbursements to be received, guarantees, and services supported.

There are mainly two types of cat insurance formulas: formulas partially covering the costs of your cat (for example which only covers surgical operations) and formulas which cover all services (surgical, medical costs , veterinarians, examinations, vaccinations and many others).

In short, to decide on the formula to choose, you must know the needs of your cat. You know him, you know what he eats, how he plays, behaves,…, and therefore you are in the best position to know if he deserves (if necessary) comprehensive and full-time care , or not.

Take the time to read and understand the guarantees in case of need for reimbursement

When you subscribe to a mutual health insurance, it is important to be familiar with all the guarantees offered, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises at the time of reimbursement later.

Indeed, the guarantees can cover certain services up to a certain percentage, but not completely (just 80% of veterinary costs for example) or then not even cover a type of intervention. It would therefore be a shame to face a situation and sadly find later that the insurance will not be able to reimburse you for the costs of this intervention.

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