Champagne Ruinart or Champagne Jacquart: What to choose?

Champagne, a drink that is nowadays essential at large receptions or when good news is announced. It all began at the time of the Middle Ages in the north-eastern region of France, Champagne. This province offers a specific land which gives this taste and this aroma.

Initially, the wine of Champagne is not sparkling, we have to wait for the precursor and pastor Dom Pérignon for him to discover the effervescent aspect produced by champagne. It was in the 1800s that this sparkling aspect became the hallmark of champagne.

Now the champagne is produced on around 33,762 hectares and 15,800 winegrowers share the market. Winegrowers who form around 300 Champagne houses.

The champagne market is vast and offers a considerable choice to amateurs. Two champagnes stand out because of their aromas and their stories, Ruinart champagne and Jacquart Champagne.

Champagne Ruinart (price, region, uses, brand, history, classification)

History and region

Maison Ruinart is the oldest Champagne house in existence. It was launched in 1729 by a Benedictine monk, Dom Thierry Ruinart. Originally, his rather bourgeois family made and sold sheets and it was in 1735 that the monk made the Ruinart house a Champagne business. Ruinart champagne has always been produced in the Marne department, in eastern France. For several centuries and still today, this appellation is kept by the Ruinart family who continue to offer quality champagne in memory of their precursor.

Prices and uses

Ruinart champagne is a champagne of unrivaled quality with rather expensive prices. It is a rare product which is due to the vinification of its bottles. They rest for 3 years in underground passages more than 30 meters deep in their area.

The Ruinart house offers a range of 3 main types of Champagnes as well as exceptional cuvées. Here are some examples of prices found on an online wine merchant:

  • Le Ruinart brut: A champagne that expresses aromas of white fruits – € 48 per 75cl bottle
  • Le Ruinart blanc: A champagne with citrus aromas – € 66.90 per 75cl bottle
  • Le Ruinart rosé: A champagne with an aroma of red fruits that comes from the Pinot Noir grape – € 66.90 per 75cl bottle

The brand

The Ruinart brand is present all over the world, it is based on the aromatic and elegant taste of Chardonnay.

Champagne Jacquart (price, region, uses, brand, history, classification)

History and region

Maison Jacquart is a cooperative union created in 1962 by 30 winegrowers. Today, this house brings together 1,800 winegrowers and produces its Champagne on 2,600 hectares. Located in Reims in the Champagne-Ardenne region, Jacquart delivers quality bottles of Champagne with the best grapes that come from the vineyard and she has total control of the process of making her wines.

Prices and uses

This house located in the vineyards of Reims has a range of 4 quality champagnes with exceptional cuvées. Here are some examples of prices:

  • Le Jacquart brut Mosaïque: A champagne has a touch of citrus fruits – € 24.90 per 75cl bottle
  • Le Jacquart Mosaïque rosé: A champagne with a touch of red and black fruits – € 30.90 per 75cl bottle
  • The Jacquart Blanc de blancs 2009: A champagne that expresses notes of cherries and dried flowers – € 37.90 per 75cl bottle
  • The Jacquart Blanc de blancs Millésimé: A champagne with aromas of spices – € 41 per 75 cl bottle

The brand

The Jacquart brand diversifies from other Champagne houses because it was created by a cooperative union of winegrowers.

The two Champagne houses presented are two quite different houses due to their histories and the quality of their champagnes. Maison Ruinart is a more expensive champagne and the bottles lie 30 meters deep, which allows the Champagne to keep better.

Maison Jacquart has a range that is less expensive than Maison Ruinart but just as qualitative.

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