Change your diet to live longer!

This is what a Norwegian study published in February 2022 reveals to us. By adopting a healthier diet, we can gain up to 10 years of additional life expectancy. It may seem natural, but it is rare that a study seriously examines the impact of good nutrition, especially for young people who tend to eat too much and too badly.

The optimal diet

This is the slogan that we hear everywhere and all the time, yet how many actually manage to follow this rule. Food consumption is a real concern at a time when eating better becomes necessary. This is not only important for health, but also for the environment. Industrial and ultra-processed products contribute to an intensive cultivation of agricultural areas, so it might be time to change the way you eat.

The optimal diet recommended by researchers in PLOS Medicine is a diet based on fruits, vegetables, but also nuts, legumes or whole grains. Obviously, the consumption of red meat is lower and especially no processed food. The aim of the study is to show clearly what changes in diet bring in the number of years of life expectancy. This can make people want to radically change the way they eat more easily, seeing that a simple change can bring, for example, 3 years of life.

Ideas for eating better

The benefits are not negligible, adopting the optimal diet to give up to 13 years of additional life expectancy if you start at 20 years old. This should convince young people to eat better, but you still have to know how to do it. One of the reasons why young people eat badly is because it is accessible and inexpensive. The temptations are too many and it takes no effort. To eat well, you have to start consuming fresh produce and cooking ideally to reduce your budget as much as possible.

It is quite possible to eat well without breaking the bank. For this, you can learn some simple recipes to reproduce at home. For those with little equipment or little knowledge, there are also alternatives like HelloFresh to have healthy meals delivered directly to your home. Practical and economical solutions exist if you really want to change your way of consuming.

A calculator available

To directly realize the impact of his diet, the researchers have put a calculator online. It allows you to quickly see what a particular consumption brings over the lifespan. This can quickly make you want to change this or that bad habit in your daily life. The calculator is based on different consumption averages over a population. These are not figures to be taken literally, it all depends on your own diet and state of health, however the objective is to raise awareness about the role of food on health.

It is a long-term investment that requires effort, but the benefits are real on long-term health, enough to make more than one think.

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