Chia seeds: why are they so loved?

Chia seeds are all the rage. Why are these edible seeds, originating in Central America and widely consumed in Mexico, so popular?

Chia seeds: why are they so trendy?

The democratization of all seeds is largely due to the awareness in the Western world of bad eating habits.

A return to vegetables, fruits and seeds can greatly improve its health and the tastes on the plates are always there. On this site, you will find lots of food ideas and recipes for healthy eating.

Regarding chia seeds, the best advertisement was made by Christopher McDougall in “Born to Run” (“Born to run” in French). Sold in three million copies, the book highlights a Mexican tribe where members are able to run several hundred kilometers in a row in sandals in part thanks to the virtues of chia seeds. Doesn’t that leave you dreaming?

What are the benefits of chia seeds?

Boost your energy

These aren’t chia seeds that can turn you from a sedentary man to an endurance champion, but it’s true that they’re good for energy. They increase the assimilation of proteins by the body and therefore promote better energy during exercise.

Promote weight loss

Get in the habit of adding chia seeds to your preparations. Whether in an infusion, in a classic dish such as pasta or in soup, the seeds swell and are eaten without giving an unpleasant impression.

At the same time, they promote satiety. You are less hungry after a dish that contains a little chia seeds and therefore increase your chances of losing weight.

Prevent disease

Chia seeds are one of the foods that can be very effective in preventing common health problems such as cardiovascular disease or cancer.

Unfortunately, we have made a habit in our society of not doing prevention. We do and eat what we want, then the day the doctor diagnoses a problem, it’s a tragedy and we stuff ourselves with pills to get better.

However, it is possible to considerably reduce the chances of getting sick by eating a good diet. In it, chia seeds have their place. They lower bad cholesterol, promote blood circulation, reduce blood pressure, strengthen your bones thanks to its calcium, have antioxidant properties …

In short, it’s effective!

Facilitate digestion

Is your long-term health not your primary concern? So what about the time spent (wasted) every day in the bathroom? Constipation and diarrhea are fought by chia seeds.

Thanks to a high fiber content, these small seeds will have a more than positive impact on your intestinal transit. It’s perfect for eliminating these annoyances from your daily life.

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