ChickenGuard – Automatic chicken coop door – Reviews & Test

Are you looking for a simple and practical solution to secure the shelter of your chickens? ChickenGuard’s Automatic Chicken Coop Door Controller is the perfect answer to your need! Below is our video review of the ChickenGuard automatic door controller, along with all the great reasons to opt for this specific model.

Automatic Door Controller Review and Test Video

Where to buy your ChickenGuard?

More information about the ChickenGuard chicken coop door controller

This Standard model of the ChickenGuard automatic doorman stands out from the competition by its ease of use. It is indeed quite simple to install, since you just need to attach the controller to the outside of your chicken coop, then connect the rope to the door and finally turn on your device to start using it.

The ChickenGuard is also distinguished by its original and practical features such as the integrated timer, allowing you to set precise times for the opening / closing of the chicken coop door, according to your preferences. In addition, the doorman is equipped with an open / close button for manual control, as well as an LCD screen for ease of use.

Also note that this automatic chicken coop door has a lifting capacity of 1 kg. Its electronic components are housed in a waterproof and weatherproof case. Finally, it can operate using 4 included AA batteries, or via an AC adapter linked to a USB cable.

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