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Are you looking for a computer for your child?

The age and needs of your little one, the features, the performance of the computer, the brand and the price are essential criteria to take into account to make up your mind easily.

Zoom on our selection of the best computers for children, as well as some tips for choosing well.

Lexibook – Bilingual Educational Computer

Designed for children ages 3 and up, this computer will help your little one take their first steps in the world of computers, and learn while having fun. It has many educational activities such as logic, mathematics, languages, typing, reading the time,… It also includes many games, to relax after learning.

Vtech – 155555 – Computer-tablet – Genius Xl

This computer with color screen for 5 – 8 year olds includes 80 activities to introduce your child to areas such as spelling, vocabulary, science, logic, drawing and many more. In addition, it offers him the possibility of recording his artistic creations (up to 350).

Vtech – 139555 – Electronic game – Computer P’tit – Genius Ourson

The ideal computer for teaching shapes, letters and vocabulary to your child aged 2 to 5. Your child will accompany a little teddy bear on his adventures and will discover with him 26 new words, letters and their pronunciation, musical instruments and shapes. He will also be able to listen to music and discover virtual cards.

Top 10 Children’s Computers

What are the criteria for choosing a children’s computer?

Here’s what you need to consider when looking for a computer for your little one:

  • The child’s age and needs: these 2 parameters will allow you to determine the ideal type of computer for your child (fixed or portable, screen size, performance, etc.), as well as essential features
  • Features: educational applications, lessons, games, webcam… Choose a computer whose features will be useful to your child.
  • Performance: which depends on technical characteristics such as processor frequency, RAM, storage capacity, etc. No need to take a high-performance computer if your toddler is only going to use it for watching cartoons for example
  • The brand: there are many brands on the market, but when you are not an expert, choosing a reputable brand gives you a good guarantee of having a quality, robust and reliable product.
  • Obviously, the price is an important point
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