Child custody, have you thought about shared custody to reduce costs?

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In order to reduce the costs associated with childcare at home, it is possible to share a nanny with another family. If you did not know about shared custody, we suggest you discover its many advantages.

Shared custody with another family

We already explained it to you in the introduction, but shared child custody involves sharing a nanny with another family. The parental assistant thus has two employers for as many contracts and place of work, but the whole is in reality closely linked.

Because in practice, you not only share the nanny, but also the place of care. In this case, it is customary that the care can be done both at your home and that of the twin family. It is therefore necessary to provide accessories dedicated to the well-being of the second child for the times when he is at your home.

If your home is not optimized to receive another child, it is however possible to negotiate this constraint with the second family in exchange for the partition at additional costs (meals, diapers, etc.).

For the contract, each family signs with the nanny, writing on the second employer. This link unites the three parts and however has an interesting specificity: if one family stops custody, the second can in turn terminate the contract in the absence of a replacement family.

Costs cut in half with shared custody

As you will have understood, the major advantage of this shared custody is therefore to halve the costs associated with the care of your children. Each family then pays its share of the salary according to the number of hours worked and directly to the parental assistant to avoid abuse from one family to another.

A significant advantage on your budget, but you must however take into account that this contract only applies to actual working hours. As a reminder, the actual hours are those you pay when your child is awake.

Conversely, we are talking about responsible hours during your child’s sleeping hours and they are therefore logically less expensive. In a shared custody contract and therefore with several children to look after, however, it is considered that the nanny does not have any “free” time.

The rates for the hours of your childcare will therefore always be those in effect, but with cost sharing, you should still save money on your budget.

Choosing the other family for shared custody

With shared custody, you come into close contact with your twin family. You must therefore choose it well in order to make sure you are on the same wavelength on the principles of education, children’s leisure, their food … basically, everything that relates directly or indirectly to your child.

In terms of child custody, we agree on this it is not easy to find a family that directly matches your criteria, think in this case of companies that know shared custody like AUSYLPHI Family which will be match your requirements.

But since no family is perfect, shared custody requires empathy and solidarity between both parties. You must keep in mind that the slightest subject of contention, perhaps a spark that will ignite the powder …

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