Choosing a retirement home in Nice: 3 criteria to remember

The retirement home is a place of life and care for many seniors. Faced with an increasingly difficult daily life and the impossibility for their families to be present at all times, retirement homes offer a good compromise. To find the right establishment in Nice, it will be necessary to evaluate certain criteria.

Identify retirement homes in your area

It is impossible to choose one establishment over another based solely on the opinions of those around you.

If you live in the Alpes-Maritimes, the steps to find an EHPAD in Nice should lead you to make an initial selection of local retirement homes. Once this list has been established, a prior visit to each establishment is required.

If the senior has the possibility to travel, it will be preferable to involve him in this step. Keep in mind that the place you choose will be where he will spend his next years of life. The setting, the atmosphere and the activities offered must please him, and ensure him optimal living conditions.

You can also take advantage of this visit to check the quality of care and treatment. It is also possible to take this opportunity to meet the management team, in order to get a clear idea of ​​their capabilities. The application files can then be completed and sent to the institutions.

Retirement home: Choose an easily accessible establishment

Make sure you choose a retirement home that you can easily access. In Nice, several establishments have the necessary facilities to accommodate future residents and their families. This criterion will be essential for the future: it will ensure that you can get there without any particular difficulty.

Choose ideally institutions close to public transport. A well-positioned retirement home will allow you to visit the resident during your free time. If the criterion seems elementary, it is nevertheless decisive in maintaining the link throughout the year with the resident.

Remember that the attention they receive in retirement homes and EHPADs is not an excuse to neglect them. Seniors continue to need to keep in touch with their loved ones, and to feel that someone continues to care about them. This ease of access will also ensure that an ambulance can access it in case of need for a transfer..

Find out about the prices and services offered

Each establishment will apply unique rates. These prices will depend on the quality of the environment provided, but also on the care and services to which residents are entitled. Retirement homes should be able to provide a list of services included in the basic costs.

Pay attention to the details: If accommodation and food are compulsory services, these institutions will charge for the additional services. It will thus be necessary plan a budget for laundry maintenance, cleaning, life assistance for patients who need specific help, or even the rental of a television. Labeled institutions will be recommended for the quality of services they provide.

What are all the alternatives to the retirement home worth?

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