Choosing the Right Massage Gun For Better Relief!

With the multitude of brands and models offered on the market, find the ideal massage gun to you may seem complex, but don’t worry. For achieve it with ease, several criteria and factors must be taken into account: in particular power, ergonomics, weight, autonomy, noise and many others. Everything you need to know about massage guns, plus some tips to find the perfect device for you.

Top 10 best massage guns

What is a massage gun for?

Utility and positive effects of massage gun are of various kinds. Indeed, in addition to relieve your muscle pain, they improve your physical performance, as well as your sleep.

Relieve your muscle pain

By exerting a significant push on your muscles and joints, the self-massage gun increases muscle heat and releases the compressions of the muscles. This allows relieve your muscle pain, your contractures and muscle aches.

Improve your physical performance

The vibrations that a massage gun makes on each part of your muscles release an influx of blood, thus contributing to the reduction of inflammation and at the resorption of muscle knots. This action of the massage gun significantly improves your physical performance (if you are athletic), but also the amplitude of your movements on a daily basis.

Improve your sleep

Several scientific studies are formal: a perfectly relaxed body positively influences the quality of sleep. By participating in the repair of your injured or contracted muscles, this therapeutic tool that is the self-massage gun makes everything your body totally relaxed, thus contributing to theimproving your sleep.

In what situation to use a massage gun?

It is strongly advised touse the massage gun in the recovery phase. Its effects allow a muscle reconstruction faster and more complete, after an effort.

Using the self-massage gun during a training session can be very useful. It will be used, between two sets, to relax contracted or tight muscles, while optimizing your performance. It can also be recommended before training, to warm up the muscles before the start of the activity.

If you experience certain muscle pain: cramps, stiffness, aches, contractures,… the massage gun is the tool you need, it will help you get rid of it effectively.

How to properly use a massage gun?

To use your massage gun properly, please first consult the instructions. Then, in general, here are the advice to follow, for a good use:

  • First, identify the starting point of the pain.
  • Then point the gun a few inches away from that area and fire it.
  • Gradually place the device on the affected area, hold it for a few seconds, then move the gun back and forth.
  • This gesture must be repeated several times, until the pain disappears or decreases.

Note that you do not need to press the gun strongly against the muscle area to be treated: a simple gentle action of the device placed on the targeted part is sufficient. Remember that the massage gun is a form of replacement for traditional massage, only better.

What are the reviews of massage guns?

Overall, the reviews of most self-massage gun users are quite positive. They range from their ability to relieve muscle pain, through their level of speed settings, their noises, their portable designs, their autonomy and their prices of course.

Thus, the massage guns are an indisputable help in alleviating the muscle suffering of their users. Their contribution to the awakening, recovery and reconstruction of muscles is synonymous with efficiency.

Obviously, these opinions vary considerably from one model and / or from one brand to another.

The 5 most popular massages guns

How to make the right choice ?

To find the perfect massage gun for you, you need to consider key criteria such as the power of the device, ease of use, weight, battery life, noise, and of course the price.

The power of the device, for more performance

The power of a gun is an important factor in evaluating its effectiveness. It is measured according to its percussion speed per second and its downforce. The performance of a massage gun is also measured by its diversity of adjustment levels, allowing a more personalized application. The power criterion is decisive according to the user.

Ease of use, to enjoy the practice

The portable nature of the massage gun makes it a self-massage tool. Its constitution facilitates the grip on a palm. It must be light, compact, with an adjustable or adjustable arm.

His weight, so as not to have other pain

The weight of a massage gun should be medium. It must be able to facilitate its use and transport, but also be light on the arms and wrists.

Autonomy, to enjoy the massage longer

The batteries of the self-massage guns must be able, at least, to maintain an autonomy of 03 hours. A deadline that allows you to use it with confidence, no matter the place. Obviously, these are rechargeable batteries.

Noise, for a real moment of well-being

The quality of a massage gun can be seen in its noise pollution. The noisiest devices are very often low-end, and therefore lower bills. The best self-massage guns are virtually silent.

The price, so that it is accessible to all

The price depends on the standard of the product you want to acquire. High-end massage guns cost a bit more than those that offer the reduced functionality. In general, count between 250 and 400 € for a device.

The # 1 selling massage gun

What are the most popular brands?

There are a plethora of brands of massage guns. But we’ll just show you the best of them:

Abox, highly appreciated by users

Abox brand self-massage guns are among the highest rated on the market. This is certainly thanks to its effects on muscle repair, its 30 adjustable levels, its 8 massage heads with LCD display, and all of it running extremely quietly.

Hypervolt, the silence that attracts

For all those who have long complained about the noises that massage guns make, Hypervolt is the prototype of the silent gun. This brand is one of the most recommended, because it has excellent characteristics. With a capacity of 3200 percussions per minute, it is one of the most successful brands.

Theragun, the multifunctionals that are convincing

With several models to its credit, Theragun is one of the brands that offers more possibilities. It is a pioneer in terms of innovation, with the latest generation engines. The multiple generations of devices that the brand offers are the expression of performance, accessibility, flexibility and reliability.

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