Choosing the right nanny with these 10 tips

A difficult choice and, yet a very important choice, finding the right nanny is not easy. It is complicated to leave your child to a stranger, and you will not do it, so with these 10 tips, you will be able to find and especially know the person who will keep you child.

A nanny closest to your home

There’s no point finding a nanny who lives an hour away from you, unless she’s on your commute to work. This will prevent any tension when you go to drop off and pick up your child. A nanny who lives in an easy to park place is a little extra, to prevent rushing. Take this criterion into account to have a good time and arrive at work without delay.

A nanny who shares your values

It is not possible to leave your child with someone who does not see things like you. You have to have at least the same values, convictions and a similar way of life. It’s not easy to hear, but a nanny spends more time with your child during the day, so she has an important role in their education. So the rules must not differ between the moment he is with his nanny and the moment he is with you again, that the rhythms are respected, naps, meals.

Ask all administrative questions

You should never hesitate to ask all the questions, even the silliest. House or apartment, hours, hourly rates, flexibility, surrounding parks, planned activities, potential holidays, what the child will eat. It’s better to ask for more than not enough, plan your questions in advance.

Will the child be alone or in the company of other children

It’s always more fun when there are other children, it allows you to socialize your own. But there shouldn’t be too many of them either, to be sure that the nanny is not overwhelmed and that she has an eye on everyone. Find out about the ages of other children. If there are multiple infants it may be more difficult to pay so much attention to both.

Make the child meet the nanny

You will already have a first glimpse during your discussions, if you feel that it can work, it’s time to meet the child and the nanny. You will then see if there is a good feeling, his way of doing and acting. Leave there alone with the child, a few moments is observed, see if the child goes to the person, his reactions. If the child is not confident, you will see it right away and you will not have to insist despite the qualities of the nanny.

A visit to the child’s foster home

Do not hesitate to request a visit to the foster home, to see where your child will develop. See if there is something to do, imitation games, fun, outdoor, something to do manual activities. Do not hesitate to ask for creations from other children, to see the imagination and the potential possible activities. It is necessary to take into account the cleanliness, the place of bed for the naps, but also the places of change for infants.

Tracking your child’s days

This is not an essential criterion, but it is always pleasant to have a follow-up of your child. The child will respond little to the question “What did you do today?”. Using a simple notebook, the nanny can count during the day, notifying the activities carried out, the time of the nap, what he ate, if anything happened. Sometimes it is even possible to add photos to illustrate. It takes a little time for the nanny depending on the number of children, but it is a criterion that also demonstrates the qualities of the nanny and for us parents, it is always pleasant to follow the development of his child.

Safety first

Check if the reception area is secure for a child. But also test the reflexes of the nanny. No one is perfect, even a parent is far from perfect, but knowing that the person to whom you entrust your child has the right reflexes is always reassuring. Know how the nanny will react in the event of an accident and tell her that even for a small injury, you want to know

With these few tips, you find the ideal nanny, the one with whom your child will grow up and evolve. Finding the ideal nanny is the development of your child, but also yours, you spend beautiful days at work without worrying.

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