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Choosing the right edge trimmer depends on what you need. It sounds obvious, but once you know what you need, it’s relatively easy to choose the right tool.

These tools are ideal for dealing with long weeds that are too long to mow, trimming and edging, and even cutting brush, including brambles and ferns. Here is a quick guide to what can be done and how to use them most effectively.

How to choose your edger?

It is not always easy to make the best choice when it comes to buying a gardening tool. It is good to take into account a few concepts so as not to make a mistake and be able to maintain your garden with the appropriate tools.

Where will you be using your edger?

There are 3 types of edger, gasoline, corded electric and battery operated. Clearly if you have to use one without a power outlet or are going to have a hard time getting an extension cord, then a corded wire cutter is not an option.

How long will you typically use it for?

During each cutting session, the length of time you use your brushcutter will affect your choice. Battery powered brush cutters tend to last only 20-30 minutes on a single charge, which can be annoying if you have to keep going for longer. Of course, you can focus on something else while the battery is charging or buy multiple batteries.

What are you going to cut?

This is probably the most important question. An electric brush cutter can easily handle light grass, but you will need a gasoline brush cutter, possibly with a brush blade, for thicker and longer vegetation.

Light and delicate edging jobs will be tough with a heavy gasoline edger, but a model that runs on light batteries will be convenient and easy to maneuver.

What is your budget for an edger?

Typically, an electric corded edger will be the cheapest, then there will be the battery powered versions and the more expensive will be gasoline powered. However, there is a lot of overlap, so you can, for example, find an inexpensive gasoline string trimmer cheaper than a more sophisticated and expensive electric model.

We suggest you choose what you need, gasoline, electric wire or battery. Then you should start targeting the price.

The best way to use your edger

First and before the first start, you must first read the instructions, to know the tool you will have in your hands. Put on closed-toe shoes, wear glasses or a protective visor, as well as clothing that covers your entire body.

Before handling the edger, it is best to unplug it to avoid any risk of accident. Consider using an extension cord that is insulated, to eliminate any risk of electric shock, if you plan to deal with wet grass.

Regarding maintenance, for an edger you should know that you should not keep the gasoline-oil mixture for more than 3 months, it could damage the engine and remember to clean the filter frequently, after each use. is ideal.

More generally, it is necessary to clean the spool of wire as well as the casing and that after having used the edger. Remember to remove the blocked grass, so that it does not dry out. Finally, when the season is no longer conducive to the use of this tool, it must be stored in a clean and dry shelter.

Bosh a brand very famous for its trimmers

Bosh is known for its different tools and its range of products for gardening, with brush cutters, mowers, but also edgers. Here is our favorite in the range of trimmers from Bosh:

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