Christmas 2021: Make way for responsible goodies!

No more non-reusable promotional items, make way for responsible goodies for the end of the year 2021. As the end of year celebrations are slowly approaching, why not spoil your employees with gadgets? If they are also focused in favor of sustainable development, that can only be beneficial for you and your brand image.

Why offer environmentally responsible promotional items?

Formerly known as the gadget, goodies are part of a new trend. They refer to a society in which the ecological transition is becoming more and more important, especially among young people. It is therefore necessary for companies to align themselves with this trend by showing awareness of environmental issues. Objects with a high carbon footprint, for example, are no longer attractive.

Responsible goodies are first of all useful. Indeed, a promotional object must have a meaning and increase the visibility of a company. For example, offer personalized mugs from National Pens. It is always useful and can be used at home, but also in the office where it is not uncommon to take a tour of the coffee machine during your break.

Responsible advertising items are also ethical and ecological. A specific message can be written there and refer to environmental concerns. We must also make sure to invest in goodies made from natural or non-polluting materials. Stressing the recyclable nature and insisting on the local origin of the product can have its effect on its customers and employees.

Top 10 Ecological Promotional Items and Goodies

Responsible communication and goodies

Communication is not just about tools. Indeed, it is the extension of the identity of a company for the consumer, but also the expression of its values. Corporate Social Responsibility defines all the practices to respect the principles of sustainable development in a company, which targets both the consumer and its employees. It also becomes a respected partner who works for the environment in a recognized way.

And the actions can be numerous and not be reduced to the purchase of responsible goodies. Everything remains to be in coherence between the action and the speech. Thus, storytelling can be used to inform the consumer about the manufacture of a product, being based on transparency. In addition to making them end-of-year gifts, responsible goodies can be used at trade fairs. A fun way to make yourself known to the general public and to highlight your involvement in the environment.

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