Clothes for a dog, a difficult choice, what to do?

If you have a dog as a pet and like to dress it up, you may have difficulty finding the right size. Fortunately, there are tips for finding the right clothes for your dog. Find out here how to find clothes for your dog and especially where to get it.

What to look for to find the right size?

The only way to find the right clothing size for your dog is to take measurements.

  • Look around the chest

This part depends on the breed. So check the lower or widest part of the chest and measure around it.

  • Watch the rear center tower

This information allows you to choose the size of your diapers and briefs. The measurement is taken by circling the dog’s belly.

  • Watch Back Length

This is about measuring the size of your dog’s spine. To do this, he must remain standing. The last part to be measured is the neck. Measure around his shot.

The best tips for choosing dog clothing?

When choosing an item of clothing for your dog, it is essential to take into account his size first. The dogs are not very patient, it is not always easy to wear them an outfit. This is why you should avoid clothes that are difficult to put on. So avoid clothes with sleeves or with complex closures.

In addition, prefer materials that can be easily cleaned. Regular cleaning prevents the appearance of parasites and therefore infections. If your pet is dynamic and strong, he needs resistant clothing. Are you looking for quality clothing? Find all the clothes for your dog on

Where can I find clothes for my dog?

A lot of stores sell dog clothes. It is possible to make the purchase in a physical store specializing in the sale of clothes for dogs as well as for puppies. However, make sure the products are of high quality and made by a known brand. In addition, by going to sites, it is also possible to place your orders.

As mentioned before, is one of the platforms where you will have all kinds of dog clothes and accessories. Also consult other sites such as Cdiscount or Amazon for quality clothing.

Why is it not easy to find the right size dog clothes?

There are several reasons for this problem. There are a variety of companies specializing in the design of dog clothes and they are not all of French origin. The unit of measurement used to express clothing size is not the same for all businesses. If the French brands use the centimeter, the English brands for example use the “inch”. This therefore creates confusion.

In addition, Chinese brands design their products in small sizes. If your dog usually wears L (in France), opt for XL (or even XXL) if it is a Chinese product.

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