Collectors – Why turn to 2 euro coins?

There are collectors for all possible objects, but some which nevertheless have a visual value, are sometimes also of greater value. This is the case with certain 2 euro coins, which commercially are worth 2 €, but which sometimes can have a much higher value. So which are the € 2 coins with the greatest value? How do you know if they are of value? How to find them?

How to find rare collector’s € 2 coins?

To find a rare 2 euro coin, you must first start by looking in your own wallet, for this you must first be able to identify them. You can use a Leuchtturm catalog, which is published every year, or an application, in which you enter the information of the part.

On it you will have the date and the country, then you just have to look at the image to identify it and you will see if your piece is rare or not. It is also an opportunity to register your room in this application and keep track of which ones you already have available, then you have to keep them.

But you can also go directly to sites selling rare 2 euro coins, to enhance your collection.

Which 2 euro coins are valuable?

There are many rare 2 euro coins out there, but some really stand out. Among them we can therefore count these 3 coins of two euros having the greatest value.

  • The € 2 coin from Monaco dating from 2007. This coin was made on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the death of Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly. There were 20,000 pieces drawn with his portrait in profile, wearing a bun. If you have this part in good condition, without scratches, its value can go up to € 1,000.
  • The Vatican € 2 coin dating from 2004, it was made to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the founding of his state. It is the surrounding walls which are represented schematically, with Saint Peter’s Basilica and the inscriptions “75 ° ANNO DELLO STATO” and “1929-2004”. There was a mintage of 85,000 coins and it may have a value of € 300.
  • Finland’s € 2 coin from 2004, It was when the European Union grew to include 10 states, that this coin was minted in 1 million copies. It represents a symbol of strength and growth. Its value is around 60 € in good condition.

Should we invest in commemorative 2 euro coins?

Please note that the 2 euro commemorative coins do not necessarily have a higher value. It’s good to have them when you are a collector, but they can devalue over time due to inflation, they are not uncommon and it is difficult to resell them. So you can buy them for your enjoyment and complete your € 2 coin collection, but not all of them have a higher value than the € 2 one.

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