Comme J’aime – What is this diet technique worth?

With nearly 1.4 billion people over the age of 20 overweight, weight loss diets are booming all over the world. With 120,000 customers to its credit, the Comme J’aime program continues to gain market share in France. We tell you everything about this slimming formula.

What does Comme J’aime offer?

Now essential in the slimming program market, Bernard Canetti, founder of Comme J’aime has won his bet. With his diet technique, the goal is clear: to provide his clients with lasting and harmonious weight loss, all in the simplest way possible. We explain how it is done below.

How does the Comme J’aime service work?

Designed from a market study carried out in France, the Comme J’aime program is above all practical and efficient. Indeed, it is about losing weight without counting calories and without cooking. For this, he offers to receive directly at home meals prepared, adapted to his profile and ready to reheat.

Based on a personalized nutritional program designed by a dietician, the program is intended to be as less restrictive and less frustrating as possible. Thus, menu design takes into account the client’s profile, goals and preferences.

Each week, he receives a package containing all of the meals for the next 7 days. The menus are designed to provide the necessary caloric intake at each moment of the day.

With Comme J’aime, all meals are organized in advance and you just have to follow the menu to the letter. The program, however, allows the addition of dairy products, fruits and vegetables.

What dishes are available with Comme J’aime?

The meals offered by Comme J’Aime, without being completely healthy and natural, have the advantage of being rather low in fats, sugars and salt. Iconic dishes include beef bourguignon, veal blanquette, tajine and chili con carne. In all, the slimming program consists of around forty recipes.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Like Like program?

With its promising and commercial speech, it can be difficult to form a true opinion of the program.

The benefits of Comme J’aime

One of the strengths of the program is its practicality. Indeed, in addition to being very easy to set up, it adapts perfectly to all people who do not want to walk the shops or cook.

In addition, it makes it possible to become aware of dietary recommendations in terms of quantities. Among other things, we recommend consuming 35 g of cereals in the morning, or 3 tablespoons, which is generally far from what we are used to consuming. Finally, the Comme J’aime program shows a strong capacity for adaptation since it is compatible with several special diets (halal, kosher, vegetarian).

The cons of As I like

Despite a growing membership rate, many clients are leaving the program citing several weak points, the most mentioned of which are as follows.

  • Long-term difficulty keeping pace and risk of regaining weight after
  • Lack of educational virtues for learning to choose foods
  • Failure to take eating disorders into account
  • Limited number of recipes that can tire customers
  • Let’s look at the reviews instead

What are the opinions about this diet?

Regarding the Comme J’aime formula, the least we can say is that opinions differ. There are many supporters of the program. In addition to the rapid weight loss touted by most of them, they above all praise the service offered by Comme J’aime.

The initial interview with a dietician and regular updates from a slimming advisor are greatly appreciated by clients. Finally, the very concept of meals already prepared and received at home has resonated with many customers.

These glowing opinions are however qualified by many detractors of the regime. Considered low calorie and restrictive by many specialists, the daily energy intake is for some insufficient.

On the other hand, although they are generally in line with ANSES recommendations, many opponents of the diet point to the many additives that make up the dishes. They also criticize the great variability in terms of product quality.

Finally, regarding the content of the menus, opinions are very mixed. Some customers are fully satisfied with the diversity of the dishes while many others complain about the repetitive aspect of the menus.

In short, opinions are multiple and very likely depend on individual expectations.

What is the price of this program?

Before committing to the Comme J’aime program and to avoid any unpleasant surprises, it is important to consider its cost. Indeed, despite many promotions increasing with the duration of the subscription, it is far from negligible. It represents per week:

  • 97 € for the Basic program
  • € 99 for the Balance program
  • 107 € for the Dynamic program

Finally, to test Comme J’aime over a week, you will still have to pay € 183.

What are the contraindications that you should know before starting?

With the many unhealthy diets, one is entitled to ask the question of the impact of the Comme J’aime diet on the body. According to most specialists, apart from a great risk of weight gain after the program, it does not cause any side effects as such. The latter consider it rather balanced nutritionally with rather poor dishes, but close to the recommendations of ANSES.

Among the major contraindications, it should be noted that it is strongly not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women. On the other hand, Comme J’aime is designed to cause rapid weight loss. In this, it can represent a risk of bone loss and as a result of fracture.

This is particularly the case in women close to menopause or already menopausal. Finally, some customers point to a slight iron deficit and therefore advise combining vegetables rich in iron such as spinach.

In conclusion, Comme J’aime presents itself as a slimming program that allows its clients to lose weight in a harmonious and sustainable way. However, like any other diet, it is not suitable for all audiences. Why not try it out to get a better idea?

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