Communicate while Respecting the Environment

Any company or brand that wants to gain visibility must establish a communication strategy to make itself known and promote its products. Marketing actions then aim to present your product, your company and your values.

In the current context, companies have understood that their values ​​and commitments, particularly with regard to the environment, are almost as important as the product itself. Reconciling marketing and the environment is entirely possible. To guide you, here are some tips for communicating while respecting the environment.

Rethink your communication media

Communication media, when poorly chosen, are often criticized for their negative impact on the environment. To carry out an advertising campaign that respects the environment, you must rethink your communication media. These must be made from ecological raw materials, recyclable and/or made from recycled elements.

Thus, for POS (advertising at the point of sale) for example, you can favor supports made with paper, cardboard or wood. To find the most suitable ecological support for your needs, there are many advice guides on POS that can guide you.

Attention, the subject of ecology is a subject that must always be kept in mind if you communicate on it. If you want to give, for example, goodies or gifts to your customers and employees, also choose objects that respect the environment.

Integrate your targets into your communication

Meeting to discuss projects and strategy

In order for your prospects to listen to you and adhere to your universe, you must get in touch with them. Involve them in your communication, meet them, try to challenge them, integrate them into your communication actions.

Understanding and interacting with consumers will help you understand their expectations, their needs, while working on your brand image. Do we still need to remember that your best ambassador is the customer himself? Once convinced, he is more inclined to become a prescriber of your product, to defend your brand and to carry its values ​​in your place.

This type of campaign based on word of mouth has the advantage of having no environmental impact if it is well constructed and orchestrated. All the work lies in your ability to create human contact.

Beware of greenwashing, guaranteed sanction
Meeting on ecological communication

As we explained earlier, today a company can choose to differentiate itself from the competition thanks to its own values ​​and commitments. These engagements help your consumers understand you and help you stand out in an increasingly saturated market.

Be careful though, if it is true that more and more customers are aware of the impact of brands on the environment. It is also increasingly common for a brand to rely on this criterion to differentiate itself. “Greenwashing”, that is to say the use of the environment to give oneself a good image, is a practice which has been widely condemned by consumers. If your interest in the environment is only a matter of illusion, we do not recommend putting forward this criterion only for commercial purposes, because it is quite possible that you will be quickly criticized for it.

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