Computer for Children? Yes but which one?

Buying a computer for your child is no longer a challenge. The effort to specialize models according to ages and uses by brands brings a touch of simplicity to the purchasing process. But many other criteria are to be considered for a better purchase.

How to choose a computer for a child?

To be sure to choose the model of device perfectly suited to your child’s needs, here are the main criteria that you must take into account.

Choose according to the age of your child who will use it

The age criterion reassures you that you are choosing a computer that is specially designed to meet the needs, activities and abilities of children whose age group is specified. A computer suitable for your junior’s age will therefore be safer for him.

Choose according to the need of the computer

The use to which the computer is intended is a crucial criterion which determines the performance and power of the computer to be chosen. Depending on whether the computer is intended for school or leisure activities (or both simultaneously), for a primary or secondary school child, you will opt for a different computer. So you need to define the need for the computer beforehand.

Consider the ease and convenience of use

So that your child can fully enjoy their computer, it is essential to choose a device that is both easy and comfortable for them to use.

The ideal model should be equipped with a simplified operating system for children. But also a screen size / resolution which guarantees better visual comfort and a keyboard optimized for the little hands of children …

Take mobility into account

You will have the choice between a stationary computer, ideal for an exclusively limited use at home. Or a laptop, more compact, light, flexible and mobile, that your child can carry and use everywhere even when traveling.

What are the best computers for kids?

There are a multitude of children’s computers on the market suitable for all ages and for all uses. We still want to suggest some of the best models to guide you in your choice.

For children following a primary course, you can opt for the Vtech Genius Bilingual or Vtech genius XL computers as soon as you enter CP. From 6 years old, the VideoJet PC kids is the best option. From the age of 8, we recommend the Lexibook range. Finally, choose Notebooks or mini PCs for your children from the age of 10.

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