Contacting customers via an SMS solution: how and why?

For a business, whether selling a service or a product, the key is to be visible to customers. However, in these complicated times with COVID, keeping in touch with loyal customers must be your priority. They are the ones who will allow your sales to continue.

To do this, there is no better than an SMS solution. Let’s summarize the process and list its main advantages.

How to contact your customers via an SMS campaign?

Collecting the contact details of your customers must be a priority with each purchase on your website or each checkout. If it has not yet been done, ask for the phone number, and while respecting the rules of the CNIL, make a file that lists them.

Then use a provider capable of doing SMS campaigns. You enter your database of phone numbers, choose the message to send and all the rest of the campaign is handled by the provider.

The costs are minimal since they are a few euro cents per SMS. For those who have already done mailing marketing campaigns, the discovery of the rates and the first results are a real surprise.

Why use an SMS solution to communicate?

This communication solution for your business has never been more necessary than it is today. In fact, you only have to look at your cell phone to see that many companies are redoubling their efforts to increase their visibility through SMS campaigns.

A message that reaches the recipient

The big problem with emails or flyers is that they rarely end up available to your target audience. Many newsletters or emails are treated as spam by mailboxes where users can with one click ban you following a commercial message that they did not like.

As for the flyers, how many people throw them away without even looking at them?

Text messages arrive on your contact’s personal phone. Couldn’t do better!

A very high opening rate

An SMS notification is irresistible. Very few people delete text messages without reading them. In full containment, the opening rate, which is more than 90% in less than 3 minutes, increases further!

If you pay € 0.06 for sending advertising sms, this means that with € 0.60, you have reached 9 people. Considerable !

Frequent positive reactions

The open rate is a good thing, but if customers or prospects read and delete without reaction, there is little point.

Fortunately, positive responses are frequent with sending SMS. For any campaign, you must first establish objectives, set up a method for monitoring results and analyze them.

It could be a visit to your website. The SMS allowing to put a clickable link, your chances of success increase.

It could be a store visit. The coupon codes sent by SMS to use during checkouts in stores still work very well.

An ROI that is among the best on the market

If the cost of an SMS is low, the open rate high and the positive returns, you can imagine that the ROI (Return on Investment) is very good. It is a privileged tool of direct marketing.

As the tracking of SMS campaigns is simple via a professional solution, you will quickly see it after a few tries.

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