Containment: According to an online survey, the French wash less than before!

Because of the Covid-19 epidemic, the hands of the French are cleaner. But after more than a month of confinement, French personal hygiene has fallen sharply. Indeed, according to an Ifop online survey, the French wash less than before.

Hygiene and barrier gestures

Although barrier gestures and hand washing have become health rules for everyone, only 67% of French people admit to washing themselves entirely on a daily basis since the start of confinement against 76% before being confined.

“This absence of daily toiletries is, as in previous surveys, a rather masculine phenomenon, affecting above all seniors whose hygiene practices were instilled at a time when basic sanitary comfort (such as running water , the bathroom, the shower…) was not as widespread ”, explain the creators of the study.

The survey revealed that men wash less than women since being stranded at home. Indeed, only 61% of French people said they wash at least once a day compared to 74% of French people.

This online survey makes it possible to observe the different effects of confinement on people’s daily lives. If you also want to conduct online surveys, you can go to this application.

The confined trend

It is good to point out that Ifop’s initiative makes it possible to collect real and useful data. Indeed, knowing that the responses to the survey are completely anonymous, the French are not afraid to say exactly what they are doing or what they are not doing. This helps to target problems with precision.

It is therefore according to this principle that the study shows that the hygiene of French people during confinement depends above all on the person with whom they are “locked up”. Indeed, men who live alone have the lowest average (only 49% against 70% for men who live in couple or with family) of daily washing.

A funny little anecdote, the absence of wearing underwear is a new trend in confinement. And this new “fashion” concerns both women and men. Indeed, the female gente appreciate no longer wearing a bra and the male gente more and more forget to wear underpants.

Containment and release

“While fear of being infected with the virus has raised handwashing compliance rates to unprecedented levels, the social withdrawal linked to confinement has encouraged a loosening of certain personal hygiene habits and clothing, especially for isolated people who no longer need to give a good impression to others ”, says Francois Kraus, the director of the political sector of Ifop.

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