Containment, How Profited from Fresh Fruit and Vegetables in Paris?

During confinement, travel is limited and when you are in Paris, there are not necessarily food stores in your authorized travel area. Some greengrocers and other traders have thought of everything and offer you solutions for eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

Supermarkets allow delivery to your home

Whenever you need food delivered, you can count on mini markets and supermarkets. In the Paris region, you have Monoprix, which has a large delivery process, for example they are in partnership with Amazon, sometimes to take advantage of same-day delivery.

You can have general food and basic necessities delivered quickly. There is still a drawback, which is the fact of not having a vision on the quality of fresh products, as well as their freshness.

The early vegetables deliver your fruits and vegetables to your home

The best solution if you want fresh fruits and vegetables, sometimes even from the region, is to go through early vegetables growing directly in Île de France. You can then enjoy the delivery of fruits and vegetables to your home and that when you want.

If you’re not inspired, they make packs, usually with a few seasonal fruits and vegetables, for you and your family to suit your tastes. But otherwise you will have a view of all the products available and you can take more exotic and original things or old vegetables, which you are not used to.

The big advantage is having fresh fruits and vegetables in season, when you want, without having to travel. In addition, because of the confinement, they put in place everything necessary to deliver safely, it is at the foot of your landing that you can retrieve your stocked basket.

The Rungis market is also on delivery

The famous Rungis market, better known for its partnership with catering professionals or suppliers for the markets, is open to home delivery for individuals during this period.

This is ideal when you want fruits and vegetables from any destination in France or internationally, but also the various fresh products available on this market. You can then order meat, dairy products and fish along with your fruit.

However, the budget may turn out to be more expensive, you must place an order of at least 50 €, to this you will have to add the delivery costs, which are 12 €, then 8 € from 100 € of purchase and only free from 150 € of purchase.

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