Corporate Company – What IT Equipment for your employees traveling internationally?

For all international business trips for your employees, it is important to ensure that they have some essential IT elements to ensure the effective progress of their trip. It is important that they keep with them materials that will be entirely dedicated to the practice of their professional activity. In this article, we tell you about these different computer equipment.

A laptop with its charger

Person on their Macbook PC and iPhone listening to music

On the go, laptops are more useful and convenient than desktops. Indeed, they are powerful enough to run professional software. For all your business trips, prefer a computer accompanied by a battery charger with a set of multiple international sockets. Thus, you will no longer have to worry about your mobility and your efficiency.

You are able to work in suitable places without necessarily being in an office. In addition, laptops are powerful and have a screen large enough to work more comfortably. However, they are limited in terms of autonomy, which is why it is necessary to provide a charger that can be plugged into any type of socket with an adapter.

A mobile phone with an international subscription

Mobile phones are ergonomic and compact devices. They are useful for sending and receiving emails. In addition, for all your international exchanges, take an international subscription. This will allow you to reach your professional contacts around the world.

Today, mobile phones are essential tools for employees traveling internationally. They allow them to keep in touch with their employer, their colleagues. They allow you to check your agenda, consult your documents. Small, very easy to use and connected to the Internet, they are very practical in the professional world.

A secure and encrypted USB key, to back up all data

Man holding a small, secure, encrypted usb drive

The purpose of secure and encrypted USB drives is to ensure the safe transfer of your sensitive information and work data. Indeed, with the spread of cloud computing, the role of USB keys in terms of data management and sharing is becoming essential.

IT makes business data very vulnerable to hacking and breaches. Thus, USB keys are useful for sharing data, accessing data securely and transporting business data while traveling internationally.

Backing up your sensitive work data can help you recover it from theft or loss. In addition, you prevent data from being stolen or copied by any individual.

A portable router so you don’t run out of internet

Abroad, you may lack an internet connection. It can be a hindrance to your professional activity if you have internet to work. For this purpose, it is important to have your own internet connection device. Having a portable router allows you to stay connected all the time and work from anywhere.

Additionally, to protect your work, you should avoid public networks for added security. This puts data in transit over the network at risk. You risk being the subject of data theft. In case there is only the public network, you should have a secure VPN before connecting.

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