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The business world is changing rapidly, as is exchanges: so, when you find yourself having to send or receive a package quickly in the Paris region, it is essential to use a reliable delivery service in an emergency. Couriers deliver all types of mail and parcels to all types of customers in the capital, making sure to meet deadlines despite the heavy traffic. In this article, discover the different types of couriers, their role and missions, but also the advantages of using their services.

The different types of couriers

Some express transport companies in Paris and Île-de-France specialize in specific types of shipments, while others cover a maximum of types of deliveries possible, including transport of people on request. Customers choose between different formulas: economical delivery, intermediate delivery or priority delivery and the subcontractor’s fleet is then responsible for carrying out the missions by selecting the vehicle adapted to the freight (from the bicycle to the truck capable of transporting pallets via the scooter).

Standard delivery services

It is a reliable service, suitable for the delivery of letters and small parcels, the weight of which is however limited to a certain threshold. The courier usually travels by bicycle or scooter, but the journey can also be done by car. This standard delivery service may be unsuitable for businesses that cannot predict the weight of all their packages, as costs associated with exceeding these weight limits can quickly add up, but it is well suited for regular use.

International delivery services

Usually international freight is very expensive from standard delivery companies. Companies specializing in international delivery will offer the best rates, as they have access to better relations with port authorities, the acquisition of permits and even tax reductions. International services include air freight and sea freight. It is therefore more judicious and more economical to use a delivery service specializing in international shipments and in international freight.

On-demand delivery services

It is always good to benefit from express delivery services for emergencies. Urgent customer returns, medical emergencies, sending important documents outside of post office hours, etc. Same day deliveries are not always offered by all companies, as they indeed include removal in less than an hour and are delivered to a nearby destination in and around Paris. This requires a team of responsive couriers on demand, who know the city well and equipped with the appropriate vehicles to transport your packages (bike, scooter, van, etc.).

Couriers: role and missions

Courier services are distinguished from ordinary delivery services by speed, security, and delivery tracking, they are tailor-made delivery services that also include express delivery.

The major point of concern to customers concerns the delivery time, because for a company, a delivery on time is the proof that it can respond quickly to the demands and expectations of its customers. Couriers perfectly meet this need for professionalism.

The advantages of using couriers

To preserve its image, operational efficiency is the key to success for a company. Knowing how to deal with transport and freight issues is very important and affects both large and small businesses. By choosing to opt for contract delivery services, companies enjoy many advantages.

You improve the satisfaction of your customers

While saving you time and money, courier services will allow you to benefit from a faster delivery service, punctual, more secure and more complete than traditional delivery methods.

Why is on-time delivery so important? When you deliver goods, packages, documents, etc. on time, you owe it to yourself to be punctual and professional. Professionals respect the announced deadlines: a clause not respected or a significant delay can potentially harm your image, because your customers will no longer trust you.

The courier service allows you to:

More easily retain your customers

Choosing a courier service specializing in the delivery of perishable or fragile products, for example, will help you maintain an excellent rate of satisfaction and the loyalty of your customers. A solution that will also allow you to reduce risks and costs related to the replacement of defective or damaged products during transport.

Ensure delivery as soon as possible

Couriers are renowned for their speed of delivery, unlike traditional options. A specialized service will ensure that you or your customers receive the package on time, without suffering any delay during shipment. The only time when there will be a change of hands will be with the final recipient.

Win time

Messaging services offer online management tools that help you answer all of your shipping needs directly from your computer or smartphone. No more wasting time on the phone or standing in line at the counter when you can easily automate the process and use your time more productively!


Save on your delivery costs

When using a post office or national delivery company, chances are you will face exorbitant shipping and delivery prices. Courier services operate on a flat-rate basis or use a kilometer rate. For your deliveries to Paris, you will therefore save a lot by choosing to use couriers compared to a traditional delivery method.

Benefit from a guarantee on your goods

Unlike normal postal services, courier services are generally well insuredwhich means that if your package is damaged, you or your customer will be compensated. So many advantages that will allow you to concentrate on your core business!

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