Covid-19: Restaurant owners face confinement with the take-out sale of meal trays

The entry into force of the second confinement in France automatically resulted in the closure of restaurants and bars. Restaurant owners have been forced to adapt their offer and now offer take-away meal trays or a home delivery service. For the take-away activity, the Ministry of Labor has implemented a strict health protocol.

Restaurant owners offer take-away sale of meal trays

Faced with the closure of restaurants, restaurateurs have had to adapt their offer and their service to cope with the period of confinement. To do this, they now offer disposable take-out meal trays or a home delivery service. These meal trays allow you to enjoy a dish that has retained its flavors and temperature despite transport.

The take-out service with a disposable meal tray allows you to enjoy a full menu, as if you were in a restaurant since you will have the starter, the main course and the dessert separate. These platters allow restaurants to offer their customers a meal worthy of the name and therefore they can continue to satisfy the taste buds by continuing their activity. Indeed, disposable meal trays allow you to serve meals with the same flavors despite transport.

The organization of take-away sales for restaurants

The entry into force of the second confinement caused the closure of restaurants in France. In addition, the government assured that restaurateurs could practice take-out and delivery while respecting a strict sanitary protocol. For this, the Ministry of Labor has set up a sheet which lists the sanitary conditions to be respected.

Professional catering equipment

Today, restaurateurs must rethink their work organization to respect the health protocol related to the sale of take-out. In particular, they must equip themselves with the necessary equipment for this activity such as disposable meal trays.

Barrier gestures

Restaurant owners must also provide for the cleaning and storage of professional clothing, the arrival of products with an area for depositing and decontaminating packaging as well as regular cleaning of the workspace. Also, it is essential to ensure the permanent supply of gels and masks.

The strict health protocol for take-out

For the health protocol to be observed for take-away sales, the Ministry of Labor has identified 5 main rules for restaurant owners. Indeed, the Ministry of Labor recalls that customers who come to collect their meal tray must respect social distancing and wearing a mask.

Also, restaurateurs must make hydroalcoholic gel available as well as a reminder book to identify all customers in the event of contamination. Also, they must explicitly define the reception capacity.

To cope with containment through take-out, restaurateurs must comply with the health protocol in force. To do this, they are obliged to apply barrier gestures and rethink the organization of work and kitchen equipment to adapt to the take-out activity.

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