Covid19 – How Are Pastry Makers Adjusting During This Pandemic Period?

During this period of confinement, different strategies are adopted by catering and food professionals, in order to continue their activities in spite of everything.

In this context, pastry chefs, whether independent or not, are also using new practices to give their customers a glimpse of a normal life and to satisfy them. They therefore had to adapt to be present and to provide their customers despite the confinement or curfew.

Implementation of home delivery and take-out

Home deliveries and take-out have now become classic for pastry chefs. These two systems allow customers to enjoy delicacies and indulge themselves with ease.

It is indeed very easy to order pastry today from your sofa. Customers call the professional or reach him from his website or social networks to place their order.

The pastry chefs sometimes even use the services of providers for their delivery, in order to facilitate the services during this period. The delivery costs are the responsibility of the customer and allow the pastry chef to find his way financially.

As for the take-away sale, customers themselves come to collect the orders, which they would have previously ordered. In this context, the pastry chefs are planning a pastry recovery area to ensure contactless delivery of the order, while respecting barrier gestures.

A stronger presence on social networks

In order not to lose their customers, pastry chefs enhance the image of their establishments and their creations, for this they make use of the various communication channels available to them, such as social networks.

They have specialized pages on which they publish their various products and communicate key information to customers. For them, this is an effective way to better boost their visibility.

Sharing attractive photos is one of the strategies that has been found, each pastry is highlighted, with a careful description, sometimes even a step by step recipes and especially an exchange with their community, their customers.

Many structures do not want to miss out on this marketing strategy. They therefore take the opportunity to transform certain Internet users into new customers, while proposing promotional offers and sharing their know-how, with the demonstration of recipes for example.

Pastry chefs who have lost their jobs are also adapting

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Unfortunately some companies have experienced a budget restriction and have had to lay off employees. It happened in the pastry sector and yet many pastry chefs have been able to cope by launching themselves on their side and joining the independents already present.

This is only beneficial for them, as more and more consumers love the local side and trust these small businesses. Take, for example, the pastry shop “Un Panda Pâtissier” which decided to set up shop despite the crisis and which today is the delight of many customers.

There are many reasons for their success, because going through independent pastry chefs means giving yourself the opportunity to benefit from quality services. Thanks to their independent status, these pastry chefs carry out projects with the utmost care, they work with enthusiasm, in order to promote their products and retain their customers.

Also, independent pastry chefs are much more creative, they offer you sweets that are out of the ordinary. In addition to the classic desserts you can make special requests, with a personalization or a brand new creation.

Ultimately, they are the ones who really need it now. They live off their passion and their art and need to be supported. Do not hesitate to give them a helping hand to encourage them!

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