Create a Relaxation Area in your Garden with the Best Garden Swing – Buying Guide & Reviews

Are you looking for the ideal garden swing? Note that as there are models and brands of swing on the market, there are many elements to know to be able to make the right choice!

Indeed, you must take into account many criteria such as the size of your garden, the style of the swing, the climate, and many others. Find here everything you need to know to find the garden swing of your dreams without breaking your head.

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How to choose a garden swing?

To choose a swing that is suitable for your outdoors, it is important, it is important to take into account certain points, which will come into account when choosing the garden swing. It will depend on the space you have to install it, the style you are looking for

How much space do you have to place your swing?

When choosing your garden swing, always keep in mind that it should allow you to enjoy a moment of relaxation in a free, spacious and open garden. So the space you have will have to be your first compass.

Indeed, it is the size of your garden that will determine the style of swing to choose, and even its capacity. So do not take a wide swing if you have a small garden because in the end, the feeling of well being sought may escape you.

What style of swing to choose?

As garden furniture, the swing participates in the decoration of your exterior, it also has many other advantages, find out why you should have a swing. And as you know, when it comes to decor, style is not to be taken lightly. Among the existing swing styles, here are the 4 most common.

The hammock swing for a moment of relaxation

It’s the perfect combination of the comfort of the traditional swing and the length of the regular hammock you know. The hammock swing has a thin and warm design and provides good comfort to all those who love quiet moments of relaxation while lying in the garden or the backyard.

The hanging chair, for a moment of serenity

It’s a swing style that features a cozy cushion set in a sort of elegant half-bubble suspended from a sturdy stand, and keeps you levitating as you wander off into your reading moments. Very relaxing, it helps relieve stress after a trying day.

The swing swing, a gentle return to childhood

With the appearance of an ordinary swing, it has a normal frame and a canopy. Except that the support on which you sit is suspended at its ends from the upper bar of the framework. This then makes it possible to swing across the entire width covered by the roof. As a result, the comfort is most pleasant.

The hanging swing, for its design side

The hanging swing is a very design model of swing that will make your garden or terrace, a relaxation paradise where you can let go and flourish in the open air. It has a solid structure that supports a comfortable armchair, extended forward to lie down and covered by a canvas.

Important criteria to consider

Aside from the style of the swing, there are also other important criteria that you should consider in your choice of garden swing which can vary depending on:

The structure materials of the swing

As a guarantee of the durability and robustness of the swing, the materials from which the structure is made must also impact your choice. You will find on the market, swings in wood, steel, aluminum, woven resin or PVC.

Wooden swing, for an authentic model

The warm and natural appearance of the wood gives the swing every chance of finding its place in the tone nature reflected in the garden. Treated with coatings against humidity and parasites, adapted to the species of wood, the swing is robust, resistant to bad weather and lasts a long time.

Steel swing, solidity guaranteed

Highly resistant to both weight and UV rays, steel is also a suitable material for your swing. It brings a modern character to the swing and does not require too much maintenance effort. But note that steel is heavy to move and can overheat in strong sunlight.

Aluminum swing, lightness and practicality

Currently, the time has come for aluminum swings. It is a contemporary material that inspires the swing, light, elegance and good resistance against bad weather. It is solid, easy to transport and maintain. Textile cushions are indicated to eliminate the effect of overheating in the sun.

Woven resin swing, a successful natural effect

Braided resin is also a material used for the structure of the swing. Impermeable to UV, it is optimal in terms of maintenance. Due to its braiding, it presents a warm aesthetic appearance in an ecru tone that will go well with the style of your garden.

PVC swing, for small budgets

The PVC swing is the cheapest, but also provides very good benefits. Polyvinyl chloride makes the swing light, easy to maintain and impermeable to ultraviolet radiation and rainwater. However, the PVC swing is no match for winter bad weather.

The number of seats you need

Here, the choice will have to be made between a single seat swing and a 2 or 3 seat swing. The single-seater swing is smaller, shaped like a hanging chair and suitable for quiet solo reading. Wider, the 2 or 3-seater swings allow you to lie down or share a moment with your family.

The comfort of the swing

The whole point of a swing is to enjoy a pleasant moment of relaxation outdoors. If comfort takes the door, pleasure comes out the window. You will have understood it: comfort is an essential criterion on which you must not compromise in the choice of your garden swing.

The swing roof

The roof of your swing should be wide enough to keep you safe from UV rays. Preferably, it should have excellent impermeability to rays in addition to being tiltable to allow you to adjust it according to the angle of incidence of the sun’s rays.

The stability of the swing

Because it also contributes in part to the comfort, the stability of the swing must be taken into account when choosing yours. It would be a shame to accidentally find yourself on the ground because your swing has lost its balance, right?

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Consider the surrounding climate when choosing your swing

When choosing your garden swing, you must take into account the region or climatic zone in which your home donuts. A PVC swing is more resistant to bad weather in a humid climate than a wooden swing, which is then better suited for dry climates.

But still, if you have an unwavering fondness for a particular material for your swing, you can manage with solutions that can protect them to suit your climate. With good maintenance and good storage when needed, your swing has little risk of being damaged.

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