Create your own Minecraft server – How to do it?

Allowing you to create your own restricted platform and play privately with friends or family members, Minecraft servers developed by Microsoft’s Mojang Studios are very useful for video game enthusiasts.

Even though making a Minecraft server sounds complicated for a beginner, the process is actually very straightforward. Whether you are a programmer or not, by following a few basic guidelines, you will get there without too much effort.

Below, you will discover the methods and the different steps to follow to create your server on Minecraft.

What are the methods to create your server?

In general, there are 2 possible methods of creating a Minecraft server: either you buy one or you create one from scratch yourself.

When buying a server, the most significant benefits are time savings, high performance, and easy setup. Moreover, it is by personalizing your configuration that we can say that you have created your server.

On the other hand, personally creating your server on Minecraft has the advantage of being free, but you will have to give your time in compensation. For this you will need a fairly capable PC and a text editor.

The steps to follow to create a server on Minecraft

To create your server on Minecraft, you must first download and install the Minecraft launcher file. To do this, go to the official Minecraft website,, download the recent version of Minecraft in a folder (which will be named Server by default) previously created on your Desktop, or in another path that you can easily find on your PC. After that :

  • Open the folder Server. There you will find an executable file named server, double-click on it and instantly a folder (named logs) and 2 other files ( and eula);
  • In the same folder Server, run the file server ;
  • Open the file logs and double click on the file latest.log that is there and a notepad will open. At this stage, your server is not yet functional. For it to be, you can either replace false through true in the last line of the notepad which mentions: eula = false, or return to the folder Server and run the file eula before leaving notepad ;
  • Now restart your server by re-executing the file server in the file Server ; an empty window appears. In the enter bar at the bottom right of it, type stop and validate to close this window.
  • Back on file Server, drag the file with notepad. A window appears: it is the console of your server which is already operational.

This console displays on the left, the number of players present on our server and the memory used for the operation of the server, and on the right, everything that happens in real time on the server: chats between players, messages sent during the game, advice, etc …

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