CSE training is my company concerned?

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The establishment of a CSE is mandatory for each company with more than 11 employees from the 1er January 2020. Following the election of members, they will have to undergo training to be able to exercise their mandate, concerning health and safety conditions at work. All companies with more than 11 employees are therefore concerned by the training of its members of the CSE, but what is the role of this committee exactly?

What is the role of the CSE?

The role of the CSE in a company will depend on the number of employees present, for those with between 11 and 49 employees, their role is to delegate personnel. For companies with more than 50 employees, in addition to the role of delegating personnel, they have that of the works council, the health, safety and working conditions committee.

The members, following a cse training, will be the spokespersons of the employees, they will bring to the employer the various complaints, particularly with regard to remuneration. They ensure that working conditions as well as occupational health and safety rules are respected.

From 50 employees, it is necessary to add to these different missions the role of collective expression concerning the economic and financial management of the company. But also everything concerning the organization of work and the various training courses to which employees are entitled.

Who can be part of the CSE?

In a Social and Economic Committee must be present the employer himself as well as elected members of staff. For the election, the employer must keep the employees informed and from there, schedule a vote within 90 days. Knowing that there must be total parity between men and women and that elections take place every 4 years.

How does the CSE work and what are their obligations?

The members of the CSE are therefore the spokespersons of the employees, but they still have some obligations, which they must fulfill during the hours fixed by a scale and depending on the size of the company. For example, for companies with 50 to 74 employees for 4 members, they have 18 hours / month, while from 500 employees, it is 24 hours for 13 members. The number of members also depends on the size of the company.

Each month for companies with 50 months and more than 300 employees, a meeting must be held, in which the members or alternates of the CSE must be present, as well as employ it. If the subject of the meeting is health and safety then the company doctor will have to be present as well as the person in charge of safety. For companies between 50 and 300 employees, a meeting can be held every 2 months.

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