Cuisinart CEC10E – Electric Egg Cooker – Review & Test

Stop wasting your time and quickly cook your eggs the way you want with the Cuisinart CEC10E. You just have to program the time you want, depending on the cooking you want. Start the day with a good breakfast, all you have to do is find fresh eggs to make everything perfect.

Cuisinart CEC10E Egg Cooker Review and Review Video

Where to buy your Cuisinart CEC10E Sterilizer

More information on this egg cooker

You can position between 1 and 10 eggs and make them either soft, hard-boiled, hard, fried or omelet. The possibilities are therefore wide and you will save precious time. The appliance has a power of 600 watts, when the cooking is finished, it emits an audible signal. In addition to the device you will have in the contents a measuring cup with piercing needle, 2 egg cups.

It has a nice design, so you can have it without aesthetic concerns in your kitchen. It is black and plastic on the bottom and the lid is gray in stainless steel to support the cooking steam. Every morning you will have perfectly cooked eggs for breakfast, to start the day in a good mood.

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