Curtains vs Blinds: Choosing the Perfect Window Covering!

Choosing the perfect window covering is a real challenge. Each room has its own characteristics and your needs change from one to another. And in addition to functionality, the aesthetic criterion is also taken into account. Overall, you have the choice between two main families of window coverings: curtains and blinds. To help you choose, here are the pros and cons of each.

Curtains: The advantages

Curtain at home

Today, curtains have lost popularity in many homes. We now prefer blinds. However, these window treatments have not had their last word. They still have multiple advantages, which might interest you:

Vintage style

The first undeniable asset of curtains is their charm. They immediately bring a vintage touch to a room, provided they are carefully selected.

To avoid a too old-fashioned look, prefer a modern textile, in current colors. And above all, make sure that your curtains and their ties match the rest of your interior decor.

Varied combinations

Then the curtains are particularly suitable for layering. In other words, they allow you to create many combinations. According to your desires, your needs and your tastes, combine curtains of different shades and opacities.

A classic pairing is the neutral shade of sheer against the window (to hide the outside view), with a thicker, colorful curtain above. This closes or opens on the sides, as needed.

Large dimensions

Finally, the curtains are available in very large sizes, which can even cover an entire wall. It is then sufficient to fix rails along the entire length and to select a fabric of the appropriate dimensions. And this last advantage can even be broken down into several advantages.

On the one hand, an extra large curtain brings a major decorative touch. For example, it can easily replace a wall covering. And you can even change it very easily, as soon as your heart tells you to. Convenient !

On the other hand, if you opt for a large opaque and insulating curtain, you also improve the waterproofing of your window. You prevent the slightest ray of sunlight from entering (which is great in a room), but also the cold. So, if your windows are poorly insulated, such curtains will be of great help.

And their disadvantages

On the downside, we mainly criticize the curtains for their lack of modernity. They are often seen as old-fashioned window treatments, which only belong in old homes. This is why we prefer other dressings, considered more trendy and modern. On the whole, this perception is mainly a result of personal taste and the choice of the curtain in question.

In addition, the curtains are also abandoned in favor of coverings easier to handle. In fact, most curtains are opened by hand. You have to pull the fabric – which can damage it – to slide it along the rod or rail. And the maneuver is all the more difficult as the textile can be quite heavy. However, note that there are cord or wand systems that make it easier to open and close the curtain.


Advantages of interior blinds

Now let’s move on to blinds, the most popular window treatments today. As explained earlier, they have largely replaced curtains in homes and apartments. Here’s why :

A wide variety of blinds

First, there is such a variety of interior blinds that you are sure to find what you need, for every room in your home. With slats or canvas; rollable or foldable; in fabric (natural or synthetic), wood, metal, bamboo or PVC; with or without safe; with or without fixing; haze, opaque or sifting, etc. So many options are available to you!

Take the example of the day-night blind, a model highly appreciated for its versatility and elegance. Available in an infinite number of colors, this blind combines bands of opaque and translucent fabric. If you want to modulate the light, you just need to pull on the cord to adjust the alignment of the bands as you want. Thus, the day night blind finds its place in the living room as well as the bedroom, the kitchen and even the bathroom.

Ergonomics and practicality

Second, the awning is distinguished by its great ergonomics. Boat, Venetian, pleated, furling … whatever the model, you handle it with ease thanks to a cord or strap. There are even electric versions, for absolute comfort.

And let’s not forget the roof window blind, which has no rival among curtains.

The cost

Finally, blinds are generally more affordable than curtains. To achieve the same level of quality, you will often have to spend more money on curtains than on any blinds.

The disadvantages of these dressings

On the other hand, blinds can be less robust than curtains, especially if you opt for a fixing without drilling. For equal quality, a blind will last less than a curtain. It will therefore have to be replaced sooner.

In addition, some models of blinds are more difficult to clean than traditional curtains. This is the case, for example, with bamboo roller blinds and models made from paper.

Thus, one option does not seem better than another. Depending on your needs and preferences, curtains and blinds may be suitable for you as well. Take the time to study all the possible options for each room, before making your choice. And if you can’t decide, go for a combination of the two!

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