Customer relationship: getting to know your target better

In an increasingly competitive and competitive business system, customer relations are a major strategic issue on which the success of your business depends. When properly managed, it promotes the implementation of an effective marketing strategy that will help retain your current customers, attract new ones and increase the reputation of your business. It is indeed thanks to your customers that you manage to achieve turnover and profit. They keep your business alive. This is why it is important to know your target customers well, which is no small task. Find out how better knowledge of your target market can influence the quality of your customer relationship.

What is marketing targeting?

Before launching any product, a good entrepreneur should ask himself: what targets (customers, prospects) is his product or service aimed at? To find the answer to this question, marketing targeting is arguably the best solution he can exploit. If you operate in the cosmetics sector, you will be interested in the site.

Marketing targeting is a policy of choosing the market segments whose consumers express needs that your company is able to meet through its products and / or services. So your brand will focus resources and efforts on a specific customer segment (target court) likely to have an interest in the good or service being marketed and to purchase it. Likewise, this targeting will allow you to refine the customer relationship, to personalize it further and to make it predictive. You will thus anticipate the actions to be implemented so that your customers are always satisfied.

To this end, the consumer panel for cosmetics is one of the means used by beauty and wellness product brands to collect information on their habits, expectations and needs. This is’permanent and representative samples of a company’s customers or targets, a product or a service. There are also other ways to clearly define your target and improve the satisfaction rate of increasingly demanding customers.

How to improve your customer relationship?

It is important that you have optimized customer service. It is indeed necessary at all costs avoid having unhappy consumers who could decide to turn to the competition and cause you to face losses or even bankruptcy.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

When choosing the product or service for your business, customers are looking for speed, fluidity, trust and personalization. The CRM tool will therefore play a preponderant role in the centralization, management and automation of data relating to customers and prospects. It is software specializing in customer relationship management (customer complaints, consideration of customer feedback), satisfaction surveys. It optimizes your performance through the use of customer knowledge. This promotes a better experience for the customer who in turn builds loyalty to your brand.

In addition, the CRM can be used by your sales forces and marketing teams to provide as much information as possible on customers / prospects in order to better identify the brand’s future commercial and marketing actions. The more targeted they are, the more customers feel a priority and get closer to the company.

Monitoring customer behavior

While this mission once seemed impossible, the advent of the internet and social media has changed that. They are real sources of information that provide businesses with quality information. They allow you in a short time to have a real-time view of consumer behavior, to do market analysis and to detect consumer trends.

Monitoring customer behavior via the internet and social networks effectively helps your business to determine customer preferences and develop new products. In addition, they allow your sales and marketing departments to make sales forecasts and put in place effective advertising strategies and marketing plans. Your customer relationship is thus under control.

Customer feedback

Feedbacks bring together the opinions and comments of your customers. They can be collected through surveys and questionnaires, whether positive or negative (generally customers do not remain neutral). They allow you toimprove your products and services to satisfy customers. To make good use of customer feedback, it is important that you set up feedback management. It is a strategic and operational plan that aims to capture, enrich and use feedback from customers as well as those of your employees who are in permanent contact with them. It allows your brand to forge a close and continuous relationship with customers.

The buyer persona of typical customers

He is a semi-fictional character representing a group of people sharing the same problem with your product or service. Prefer a limited number of personas close to your target and who have similar consumption and lifestyle habits. The creation of a persona allows you to offer your customers an offer that really meets their expectations.

The client is king. Their satisfaction must be the priority of your company which has ambitious goals. This therefore requires that you be as close as possible to them. Keep in mind, however, that customer expectations can change over time. You will constantly need quantitative data, to adjust your actions and be always more efficient. It is a challenge that you are called to take up on a daily basis.

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