Daily actions to navigate at the end of the month and save money

Every day, small expenses accumulate and tend to encroach on the monthly budget. So as not to end the month in red, there are a few everyday actions to put in place, which will allow you to save money.

The big DIY trend

Making your own cleaning products yourself is all the rage, but it is also a way of contributing to the environment and to saving money. To clean, you don’t need a lot of product, you just need to have baking soda, white vinegar and Marseille soap in your cupboards.

In addition to being practical, it’s very easy to make your own maintenance and hygiene products such as creams, shampoos or toothpaste using natural ingredients.

Shop second-hand or rent equipment

There are so many reusable things, why buy new? With the many applications available, empty walk-in closets more and more frequent.

Renting gives a second life to old objects, especially cultural objects. Go to the media library in your city to rent a book, DVD or other. It is also possible to rent DIY tools, instead of buying one that you will use once.

Finally, there are also reconditioned products, which can save big money, find a device in perfect condition at an unbeatable price.

On the lookout for promotions, discounts and current offers

It takes time to find all the possible coupons, but with the right method, it’s a winning bet. At first, keep the good of the products that you consume regularly.

There are not just the right papers today, there are applications like Shopium or Quoty. These are free and will allow you to make big savings in store.

Eat differently to save money

If you think eating out or eating prepared meals is good for your wallet, it isn’t. A prepared dish is more expensive than a fresh product itself.

So as not to wander around the store and buy whatever is available to you, plan your menus by listing the products you are missing. Once at the store, choose seasonal products that will have less impact. Don’t be afraid of foods with short expiration dates.

Finally, and avoid waste, turn to bulk products. You will take the right amount and you will not waste anything. No Waste means you’re not throwing money away, so you save.

Have a look at his subscriptions to find better

Notify all your subscriptions, and do a little competitive intelligence to see if there is not more advantageous for you from a competitor.

More and more contracts are non-binding, so it is easy to be able to leave free of charge. If you are in a case where termination is not possible, it is possible to adjust your subscription according to actual consumption.

Check that you do not have duplicates, in terms of your insurance, take a look at your guarantees and cancel those that no longer meet your needs. Thanks to the Hamon law, it is possible to terminate without waiting for the expiry date.

There are several small daily actions that are easy to implement. These small gestures will allow you to save money and the end of the month will be easier. You will no longer have to worry about the usual overdraft.

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