DEESS pulsed light epilator GP590 – pulsed light epilator – review & test

In terms of hair removal technology, pulsed light appears to be the most used by both professionals and individuals. To meet this ever-increasing demand, DEESS has created a pulsed light epilator coupled with the ice treatment. This is the GP590 model of which we present the test results and user reviews.

Presentation Video with Review and Test of the DEESS GP590 Pulsed Light Epilator

Where to buy your DEESS GP590 epilator?

More information on this pulsed light epilator

This DEESS GP590 epilator has the advantage of combining the functions of epilations and icy treatments. It is indeed a 3 in 1 device which is equipped with 3 specific filters. The first is the HR filter which is for classic hair removal. This gives it many advantages compared to laser hair removal for permanent hair removal.

Then you have the AC filter to remove acne pimples and finally the SR filter to refresh and rejuvenate the skin. In addition, it reduces the sensations of irritation that can occur after a hair removal session.

To ensure your safety, this device has been clinically tested with proof that it will reduce body hair by up to 90%. To obtain this result, it takes an average of 12 treatments spread over 3 months. It can be used on the whole body and also on the face without any risk.

For the various settings of use, it has an intuitive screen that is easy to handle and control. It is an epilator that is suitable for almost all skin tones except the darkest. For hair colors, it is not effective on blond, red or white hair.

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