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All over France, companies are trying to adapt to the stammering economic recovery. In the red zones, many still work from their homes. But in green areas, companies choose to maintain teleworking and even see their future through the outsourcing of support services.

Are we witnessing a new trend born out of the crisis? Does the outsourcing bet have the potential to succeed? Today, we take you to meet these companies that have been able to support the economy of an entire country in times of crisis.

Supervision of the information system, what methods?

We have to go back to the birth of web 2.0 in the mid-2000s to fully understand the need for digital outsourcing. The interaction between the various actors of the web has continued to strengthen since.

Across the web, designers, users and developers have become interdependent. And we have witnessed the birth of a real platform for commerce and interactive services (eBay, Amazon, Cdiscount, etc.). With the advent of high-speed internet connection, we have witnessed the boom of Digital Service Companies (ESN) like Cowigo, a pioneer who bet on outsourcing via maintenance and IT security services, middleware or even database.

Indeed, today, the dematerialization of consumer services has become a reality. And inevitably, companies that want to break through offer themselves the expertise of the builders of this new digital revolution.

Today, it is not enough to have a good product, it is also necessary to know how to make it visible on the web to sell it. Indeed, in 2018 alone, the e-commerce sector in France generated a turnover of 92.6 billion euros (Statista).

Digital outsourcing, a promising sector

However, this digital outsourcing goes further than a simple role of commercial intermediary. Indeed, large, medium and small companies prefer to entrust the management of the digital aspect of their business to an external service provider.

So they can devote themselves entirely to improving their product. By delegating heavy tasks such as managing their databases, they save time and spare themselves the purchase of the necessary equipment. Generally, outsourcing all or part of your information system will be more advantageous in terms of costs.

Since the crisis and the spread of teleworking, companies have compensated by resorting to more outsourcing. Many of them entrusted a service provider with the personalized management of support activities such as:

  • computer maintenance,
  • IT security,
  • administration and supervision of the information system.

ESNs manage these tasks most of the time remotely using cloud computing. They thus reinforce the assimilation of telework into entrepreneurial mores. From there, it is only a short step to imagine a redistribution of roles in the post-crisis economic scheme.

Indeed, ESNs position themselves as essential partners of more efficient companies, because they are focused on their core business to accelerate the recovery. This model has the advantage of being potentially viable, even in the event of the appearance of a new wave of Covid.

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