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It’s a shame not to be able to enjoy your pool outside of the swimming season, but have you considered a shelter for your pool? Live the outside of the inside, this is the catchphrase of Design Concept Ls, a specialized company that will delight your pool with a shelter.

20 years of experience before Design Concept Ls

Design Concept Ls was created in 2016 by Christophe Fraresso, who after more than 20 years of experience in the entire chain of manufacturing and installing high-end pool enclosures, embarked on this new adventure.

His goal with this new company is to market and install a wider range of equipment dedicated to the living space around the swimming pool. There are therefore shelters, but also mobile terraces, beaches and terraces for swimming pools and pergolas with adjustable slats.

For this task, the founder has surrounded himself with a team of professionals specialized in the world of swimming pools and who installs, under their entire responsibility, all the products marketed by Design Concept Ls.

Design Concept LS swimming pool enclosures

If we have briefly presented the services offered by Design Concept Ls, let’s go back in detail to the catalog of swimming pool enclosures. The company markets 5 different types: low / flat shelters, mid-high shelters, fixed high shelters, terraced shelters and finally, SPA shelters, their swimming pool shelters are robust and reliable with 100% glass walls.

Low / flat shelter

The first shelter in the range, the low shelter makes it possible to secure your swimming pool between your swims to avoid accidents, in particular with young children. It also protects the pool from external dirt (dust, leaves, pollen, etc.).

Its system with curved or canted side walls fits together for easy opening and closing operations in seconds.

Half-high shelter

The mid-high shelter has the same characteristics as a flat shelter, but also allows you to extend the swimming season by maintaining the water temperature and being completely sheltered from the elements.

With a height not exceeding 1.80m, mid-height shelters do not require any administrative authorization to be able to be installed and Design Concept offers them in two different shapes: arched or with cut sides.

Fixed high shelter

With a fixed high shelter, you protect your swimming pool with a shelter offering sufficient height to allow you to also install additional equipment (deckchair, small lounge, etc.), while moving freely around it.

The fixed high enclosure is the perfect model to transform your outdoor pool into an indoor pool. Its walls can also be opened (manually or automatically) to enjoy a sunny afternoon.

Terrace shelter

The terrace shelter is directly integrated into the facade of your home and can be opened partially or in its entirety thanks to a solar motor system.

Once closed, you can therefore enjoy your swimming pool all year round in a real living room that is easily accessible and heated, without breaking the thermal bridge.

SPA shelter

More specific, the SPA shelter is a rotunda specially designed to protect a SPA located outside your home. Its telescopic walls pivot in a central axis 180 ° to allow a wide opening and unhindered access.

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