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Detangling your dog’s coat is one of the toughest jobs for owners. Indeed, finding the right products and using the right techniques to untangle the knots formed on your dog’s coat is not always easy.

So much so that mowing sometimes seems the best alternative. But before going through the mower box, remember to untangle your dog’s hair. How to fix the knots in your hairball? Find here our tips and tricks to better disentangle your pet’s coat.

Detangling the dog’s coat: the services of a groomer

In some cases, the density of the knots or the proximity to the dog’s skin make them impossible to untie. You should therefore equip yourself with a pair of scissors to remove the knots. In this case, be careful not to pull on the knots to avoid cutting the skin of the animal.

To avoid this, protect your dog by using a comb between the skin and the knot. Call on a groomer near home by consulting specialized sites such as Salon Bichon is one of the most effective alternatives to disentangle the hair of your little companion.

Indeed, when the knots are too numerous, it is better to have recourse to a professional grooming.

Calling on a groomer is also a good idea when you adopt a dog, or when you get a street dog. These animals are sometimes found with a neglected coat, even in very poor condition. When the knots are near your dog’s skin, entrust the disentangling to a groomer.

Grooming: other methods of detangling a dog’s coat

Knots sometimes appear as a result of regular brushing. Sometimes your long-haired companion may end up with tangled hairs, even real dreadlocks, even after a simple walk. So, in order to avoid the formation of knots in your pet’s hair, brush the most difficult areas such as the tail and paws after the walk.

To untangle knots, apply some techniques:

  • start with undo the biggest knots,
  • check the distance between your dog’s skin and the knot,
  • Avoid pulling on the animal’s skin to avoid harming it. So be sure to always protect your dog’s skin to prevent pulls,
  • moisten the knots with a detangling spray for dogs. You can also use a conditioner. Spraying water is also a possible alternative,
  • remove the knots with your hand. To do this, open the knot, hair by hair from the tip,
  • If the knots persist, opt for a fine metal comb,
  • once the knots have been removed, brush your dog with a suitable brush,
  • you can end the session with a good bath with detangling products and good drying.

Finally, congratulate your pet for his patience and courage! Animals hate to stay static during grooming.

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