DHGate Review – Can You Trust this Chinese Online Store?

Among the e-commerce platforms, DHGates is one of the oldest. This is a Chinese wholesale store.

Even if this site is quite old in the world of online commerce, many still wonder about its reliability and the different methods of handling. Strengths, weaknesses and tips, find out everything you need to know about DHGate here.

Presentation of the Chinese site DHGate

DHGate is a Beijing-based Chinese e-commerce platform that offers its services across the world. It has more than 30 million various products listed to date, which gives a very large choice to its 5 million users around the world.

What are the strengths of DHGate?

DHGate is ranked among the 2,100 most visited sites on the web. This demonstrates the fact that this platform has attracted a good number of users. DHGate has many strengths and here are the most interesting.

Free delivery possible

On each product, you can see the costs and delivery times. And in some cases you can have free delivery to certain countries in Europe. Still, it varies depending on where you and your supplier are.

Large assortment and very low prices

DHGate is one of the marketplaces that offer the lowest prices. In addition, it has many very varied and diverse products for all your needs ranging from simple cosmetic products to fashion or high-tech accessories.

A site designed for the customer

The DHGate site was very well done, because the handling is very easy and the interface is very ergonomic. DHGate also has a mobile application for Android and iOS which is also very easy to use.

What are the negatives about DHGate?

Like all e-commerce platforms, it can be said that DHGate also receives a lot of criticism. Negative points do exist and these are points the site developers should work on in the future.

No payment option with PayPal

It is possible to settle payments as traditionally by credit card but also by other money transfer platforms. The only downside is that there is no possibility to make a payment via PayPal. This is something DHGate should be working on, as PayPal payments are still very beneficial for buyers.

Purchase only possible with an account

Unlike some sites which offer the possibility of making purchases on their site as a guest, it is imperative to have to register or create an account on the DHGate platform in order to be able to complete a purchase.

Top tips for safe, quality shopping

Even if the DHGate online shopping platform is interesting enough to make your purchases, it is still important that you are informed on certain points, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises during your purchases.

Do I run the risk of finding counterfeit items?

Be careful when you shop because DHGate usually presents independent shops over which they do not necessarily have control. To avoid having poor quality products, you can refer to the price of the item or the general seller rating.

What are the reimbursement conditions in the event of a problem?

You can return the product you ordered if it is defective. There is then the possibility that you will be refunded after returning the product. However, be aware that the return costs will come out of your pockets and will not be refunded if the reason for your return is just dissatisfaction.

How does delivery work with DHGate?

Delivery methods vary depending on the destination of the order. If you are in Germany, delivery is often free and the delivery time varies between 16 and 25 days. Depending on the seller, you also have the choice between several delivery agencies such as DHL, EMS, etc. Rest assured, if delivery charges must be applied, you will see the amount on the product or in the basket.

Should I be exempt from customs fees?

You may be required to pay customs fees. Note that for products under 150 €, you will pay the VAT which is worth 20% either with your delivery person or with the customs service. You will have to pay customs fees for products over 150 €.

What to think of DHGate compared to Wish and Aliexpress?

DHGate is still a good site if you want inexpensive products. The prices are difficult to reach there by the competition. However, the point on the guarantee remains quite delicate unlike sites like Aliexpress and Wish, where the buyer’s guarantee is very reliable.

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