Dhgate Review – Is It a Trusted Site to Shop for?

Dhgate online store is famous for the opportunity it offers to buy millions of products at the most competitive rates.

Like most Chinese online shopping sites, it naturally has its strengths and disadvantages. But with a minimum of precautions, you will certainly be able to find your account while making your purchases there.

Presentation of the Chinese Dhgate store

Dhgate is a Chinese B2B-style online store active since 2004. Its platform lists millions of items offered by brands and companies based in China that you can buy at great prices.

All the highlights when shopping on this site

Make these purchases if such a site can lead to many questions, but above all, take advantage of these few strengths to convince yourself to shop on Dhgate.

It is possible to take advantage of free shipping

On Dhgate you have the advantage of having it delivered for free. The store offers free standard deliveries on the products in its catalog. This allows you to save on shipping costs.

A wide choice of products accompanied by advantageous prices

You have the advantage of having access to one of the largest shopping places in the world. Estimated at more than 33 million items, its catalog is divided into various categories such as electronics, household appliances, clothing and fashion, wedding items, for the home and the garden …

Almost everything is there and at very affordable prices. You order directly from the companies that make the products, pay wholesale and get big discounts.

An easy-to-use site designed for the customer

Dhgate also gives you the benefit of a platform on which to shop with ease. The design of the site is ergonomic and it is easy to navigate between the categories of products available on the store.

The “Warehouse Europe” section of the site allows customers residing in Europe to benefit from relatively short delivery times by purchasing items through these local warehouses. With the mobile app, you even have the option to specify your favorite categories and receive personalized discounts and shopping recommendations.

What are the negatives when ordering on Dhgate?

However, there are also a few points that can be disadvantages to take into account when shopping on this online store.

It is not possible to pay for purchases with Paypal

PayPal is not in the list of payment solutions available on the store. You can pay for your purchases only by Skrill, Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit card …

Obligation to create an account to finalize these purchases

Another disadvantage of the store is the inability to make purchases without being registered on the site. You must therefore create a customer account before you can buy anything.

Top tips for safe, quality shopping

Aside from the advice to trust the opinions of previous buyers, here are some great tips that can help you shop safely.

Do I risk finding counterfeit products?

Note that the quality of the products is not one of the strong points to remember at this store. The articles offered for sale are mainly Chinese made and their quality remains extremely uncertain. You will therefore find good articles and others of poor quality.

The site claims to make every effort to guarantee the quality and compliance of the articles presented via its platform. However, certain sellers sometimes offer counterfeit products, with logos of reputable brands.

What are the reimbursement conditions in the event of a problem?

The site is committed to refunding you all of your money if you ordered an item and it was not delivered to you.

You can also claim a refund if you have received an item that is damaged, defective, or does not conform to the seller’s description. In the event that the delivered item does not suit you, reimbursement will be possible on condition that you bear the costs for its return.

How does delivery with Dhgate work?

The delivery of items purchased through Dhgate is provided by the seller from whom you ordered. Once you have chosen your delivery method and validated your order, he is responsible for preparing the package and shipping it to you. You will have to choose between:

  • Free standard shipping which may take about 16-25 days
  • Or a delivery by private carrier which is chargeable and can take around 3-8 days.

Should I be exempt from customs fees?

These additional charges are your responsibility and you should always anticipate them when purchasing from overseas sites like Dhgate. To avoid them, a trick may be to buy only low value items. Either less than 22 € to avoid 20% VAT or products below 150 € to avoid fixed customs fees.

What to think of Dhgate compared to Wish and Aliexpress?

These 3 Chinese platforms have in common that they are gigantic market places. Like Wish and Aliexpress, Dhgate connects you with millions of Chinese sellers, companies and startups. It therefore does not hold any stock of items, but only provides intermediation.

Note all the same that the ergonomics of the site, the free deliveries and the advantageous prices of Dhgate seem to set it apart and make it a good alternative to Wish and Aliexpress.

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