DHGate Review – Scam or Bargain?

DHGate is one of the oldest Chinese online stores. If you are looking for a site to shop online, you must have come across this one and you definitely need some advice.

The fact that he is old does not necessarily guarantee him the notoriety that should go with it. Reviews are coming from everywhere and this online store, despite its positive points, also has points that discredit it a little.

Presentation of the Chinese store DHGate

With 30 million products available to approximately 5 million users, DHGate is one of the oldest online shopping sites. Founded in Beijing, DHGate is a Chinese store that sells many products and accessories in various fields.

DHGate, a site with many advantages

At present, DHGate is one of the 2,100 most visited sites and this is probably because it has many advantages that set it apart from the rest.

It is possible to take advantage of free shipping

In general if you are in Europe, but also if you are elsewhere, you can benefit from free delivery costs. Still, if charges need to apply, you will see it in your shopping cart.

A wide choice of products accompanied by advantageous prices

DHGate has the particularity of having a wide range of products varying from very small accessories to large high-tech products and even cosmetics. And all of these products are competitively priced.

A site that is easy to use and think for the customer

In addition to its website, DHGate has a mobile application available on Android or iOS. These different platforms have been very well developed and this allows you to easily place your orders without risk of confusion.

DHGate, a site that has some drawbacks

There are no online shopping sites that do not have reviews. Regarding the case of DHGate, it is important to say that these are points that deserve improvement. If these improvements are made, this site could be counted among the giants of online commerce.

It is not possible to manage your purchases with PayPal

DHGate’s site is quite secure when shopping. However, it is not possible to make purchases through PayPal. However, PayPal is a very interesting way to avoid fraud on the web and to shop safely.

Obligation to create an account to finalize purchases

Some Chinese online stores offer the option to shop as a guest, which is not the case for DHGate. To finalize purchases on this site, it is mandatory to create an account, which is quite painful.

Top tips for safe, quality shopping

After knowing the different strengths and weaknesses of DHGate, you should now learn what you should or should not do on this platform. Here are our tips.

Do I run the risk of stumbling upon counterfeit items?

To avoid running into substandard products, you should trust your seller’s overall rating. DHGate is a marketplace with a multitude of sellers and it is not easy for them to ensure the good quality of products.

What are the reimbursement conditions in the event of a problem?

Refunds at DHGate are made in the event that the product you received is defective or of poor quality. You just have to return it. But if the product just doesn’t suit you anymore, the return shipping cost will be charged to your refund.

How does delivery work with DHGate?

Delivery can be free and vary between 16 and 25 days. It all depends on your location as well as that of your seller. And compared to your seller, you can use certain agencies that will cost you a few cents. Either way, if fees need to apply, you’ll see it.

Should I be exempt from customs fees?

If your product is worth more than 150 €, you will be able to pay customs fees. You can do this directly with your delivery person or at the customs service. If your product is worth less than 150 €, you will just have to pay the VAT which is generally 20% of the price of your product.

What to think of DHGate compared to Wish and Aliexpress?

Unlike sites like Wish and Aliexpress who have decided to make this a priority, the point on the warranty at DHGate is not clear enough. On the other hand, if you want to make purchases at a low price, we strongly recommend DHGate which has always very attractive prices compared to the competition.

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